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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by graymatter, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Concur. Also, the adjunct instructor has no rights, and is at the mercy of the school. I have had classes that I have accepted in task orders cancelled without notice, and classes that I do not teach appear without notice in their place, only to disappear again. If I did this to the school, they would drop me in a flash! Fortunately, I do not depend on adjuncting for a living.
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    While this has nothing to do with Rasmussen, I'll gladly give my general opinion pertaining to my adjunct workload (2 11 week classes, f2f, one night a week). Note that I also hold a management position in IT and that can take me 50 hours a week if not more some weeks.

    I'm finding I can handle prep or grading individually for both classes, without issue. If I have to do prep and grading during any given week then I'm strapped tight.

    I'll be working one class per semester moving forward. If that doesn't sit well with my chair, then I won't be an adjunct and focus on my career otherwise until I have my doctorate. There's too much robbing Peter to pay Paul going on in terms of my day job and my students. Not fair to either, and the adjunct pay isn't lucrative enough to make me quit the day job.

    Nuff said there.
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    I hear you, I did the online thing for about 7 years till I finished my doctorate and landed a full time teaching job. I still teach one or two online classes for extra cash but I am glad I dont have to do it full time anymore, it was killing me and was leading nowhere.
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    Just to update... after the interview, I was notified that they are not offering me the gig.

    It was for a specific course on Cultural Competency (or something like that). They emailed me a syllabus and asked if I had graduate training in all objectives of the course. I noted that I have graduated training in "Cultural Competency" and have provided clinical services and training in the specific areas noted (psychological disability; developmental disability) but noted that one objective specifically identified "physical disability." I said something smart-sounding like "I've never heard of a course being offered specifically for Cultural Competency of the physically disabled but my educational and clinical experience has assisted me in operating in a manner conducive to honoring all people; the skills learned working with those of a different culture or a with a psychological/developmental disability would certainly transfer to working with those with physical disabilities."

    When I was notified that I didn't get the job, I inquired and apparently that wasn't a good enough answer. They want someone who has specialized training in Cultural Competency that includes physical disabilities.

    Ok then.
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    I worked for rasmussen for 3 years- the class sizes are supposed to cap at 25 but most terms I was given 29+ students. The amount of grading and overall participation is insane especially for the pay rate. I felt like nothing more than a robotic grader with little to no time actually helping students. I now teach for other institutions online- ALL of which pay considerably more.
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    Thanks. While it initially seemed to be working out with Rasmussen, I ended up dropping out of consideration before the new-faculty training. That being said, I've found that more and more schools are stretching class size and expectations. With Grand Canyon's change to LoudCloud, it just isn't worth the time/energy. My last class with them had 30 - it was CRAAAZY.

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