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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by kemo1k, Feb 21, 2001.

  1. kemo1k

    kemo1k New Member

    Does anyone have information on how online instuctors are compensated? I will be completing a MAT program this summer. The university that I am studying at does not have enough instructors to meet online course demand. Why is this?
  2. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    One reason could be that universities which have a significant on-line presence hire adjuncts because they often cannot get enough of their regular professors to teach such courses.

    Being an adjunct is usually not known for being particularly lucrative. Actually being a professor isn't nearly as lucrative as many people think (at many universities).

    Tom Nixon
  3. hworth

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    I have taught as an adjunct at both the graduate and undergraduate level for about a dozen colleges and universities over the past 10 years. I have been paid from $1000 to $4000 a course with the most common salary being a little more than $2000 per course. Generally, there is no additional compensation for an online class. Since online courses require much more prep work, most adjuncts would rather teach a live class.

  4. ExitQuietly

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    We get $1200 for a 3 credit course online. Just got a raise of $100 ($1300 now) for having taught 10+ classes. I think this might be on the low end of the spectrum. If your school needs experienced online instructors in business or management please send me a private email and let me know who to contact. Thanks.
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  5. Bill Hurd

    Bill Hurd New Member

    I don't have any figures to give, but I do have a question for those who have posted dollar amounts. What is the length of the course that is associated with a specific amount? If the lower amount is for a short course [5-6 weeks] then it may be comparable to a greater amount for a longer course. Yes, I know that is an exercise in 4th grade math, but indulge an old man.

  6. hworth

    hworth Member

    All of the figures I gave in my earlier post were for three credit classes. (Either condensed semester, nine weeks, or traditional semester, sixteen weeks.) The number of contact hours and amount of preparation/grading/student contact are about the same for each.

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