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    Hello, it's been awhile since I have posted. Next week I start the final course of Tarleton's MBA program. I will be taking "Seminar in Business Strategy" (BUSI 5388). For those of you who have received their MBA's from Tarleton, would you mind sharing your experiences of this course and the Comprehensive Exam? This will be a compressed 2-month summer term, so I'm just trying to prepare for the unexpected. Thanks!
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    I would suggest doing a google search on the syllabus for that class. It was certainly quite a bit of work. bit the comprehensive exam was a variety of 10 questions in different subject areas. I did not take note of the questions they asked, but from memory I think I had 8 hours to complete the comprehensive exam. The questions were things like how marketing tools were differentiated and positioned, competitive approaches, leadership theory, managerial accounting including cost volume and break evens with a CVP analysis. I think there were questions on statement of cash flows, financial statements, book values and use equations and leveraging a graph to determine the Net Present Value.

    If you have taken the other classes within the program you should be well prepared to successfully complete the comprehensive exam.

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