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    TAMUC has a few options for BAAS, if you are interested in Competency Based and are in Texas.
    The requirements seem to be identical for all of them except the Major, find an option you like most.

    Link: Health Services Administration (BAAS) Competency-Based - Texas A&M University-Commerce (tamuc.edu)
    Link: Organizational Leadership (BAAS) Competency-Based - Texas A&M University-Commerce (tamuc.edu)
    Link: Safety and Health (BAAS) Competency-Based - Texas A&M University-Commerce (tamuc.edu)

    This is a program I may have missed earlier, but I see it's a BS CJ, not a BAAS CJ concentration (or am I reading that wrong?)
    Link: Criminal Justice (BS) Law Enforcement Leadership Emphasis Competency-Based - Texas A&M University-Commerce (tamuc.edu)
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    The CJ/LE program is a B.S. program. I applied to be a full-time faculty in that program twice. The first time I declined the interview because I accepted a position at UVI. This year, I interviewed, but wasn't selected. I was excited about the program and its remote nature.
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    I recall someone on the sister forum degreeforum.net post about this school being possibly cheaper than UMPI as a competency based degree even if you are in the southern region close to Texas as an out-of-state student. I'm trying to decide for my partner which college he should attend after he finishes his AAS degree in May to work towards a BAAS or BLS.
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