TAMU-Commerce; Univ. of Houston-Vctoria; Western Carolina Univ.

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    Hi all,

    I have 3 schools I have my eye on and 3 different programs:
    • Texas A&M Commers -- for MBA or MSM/MGT
    • University of Houston-Victoria --for Masters in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship
    • Western Carolina University - for MPM

    All of the above are AASCB schools. The 3 programs are different in that I need a Project Management qualification short term to propel my career (dont want to do a certification that needs renewal all the time... I have lots of certs, not going there again). My passion will be a degree in entrepreneurship: business startup, development, venture capital, etc. Lastly MBA since I think it will have the best ROI.

    My question is about the schools teaching style. My undergrad will be completed in 3 months and I did it via TESC. Their style of delovery worked well for me since more focus was placed on writing research papers than being exam-based. I am doing well here. Of the schools I listed, can anyone comment on how they diliver online classes and how much focus is placed on memorization (exam based) as apposed to real life experiental learning?

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