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    Many DETC schools are becoming eligible for Title IV now which is good. And that will be the only way that they can expand the enrollment formula, otherwise the cost from out of pocket is prohibited.
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    Taft Law School?

    Anyone have any experience with this school?

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    I don't think anyone( I can be wrong) have any experience from this school other that from time to time the school president post here. Now, I remember that was a long time poster name Nosborne which post now at degreediscussion.com and is enrolled in their LLM program and somewhat has posted his experience.

    Just curious Novick, what classes you facilitate at AJU?
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  5. c.novick

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    Thanks Vini.

    A JD online is interesting. The Executive JD at Concord/Kaplan looks interesting as well.

    I am a Criminal Justice instructor for AJU.


  6. gravamen

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    I just started my third year of law school at Taft.

    What would you like to know?
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    Hi gravamen,

    How did you study for the MBE part of Baby Bar?
    How many questions did you practice?

    Thank you for your insight.

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    This doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but I have been poking around Liberty University and one of Jerry falwell’s sons graduated from Taft Law School,
  9. c.novick

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    Hi gravamen.

    How responsive is the school? Do you feel the coursework is structured? How are tests administered? Do you recommend the 4 yr JD over the 3 yr Executive JD? Do you find the instructors supportive?

    Thank you!

  10. gravamen

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    I did not study for the MBE questions separately from the essay questions...I wouldn't even know how to. Both types of questions require the student to read with comprehension, identify issues and then apply the law. To spot the issues, one needs to know the law so I spent the vast majority of my Baby Bar prep time learning the law.

    I completed (twice) all of the MBE questions in the Criminal Law, Torts and Contracts "Finals" study guides and all of the questions on those topice in the Finz Multistate Method. I think the questions in Finz were more like the actual questions than were the "Finals" questions.


    I have communicated almost exclusively with Joan Slavin, Taft Law School's Director of Student Services. Very simply, she is the BEST! She responds to almost every email (the most preferred form of communication with Taft) within an hour or two if not within minutes. She makes things happen and solves problems. And she has absorbed more than one harangue from me with grace and humor.

    Coursework is assigned for the week. The nature of the coursework differs in the Independent Study and Telecommunications Courses. I was an independent study student my first year and a Telecommunications student my second year. Independent study classes have weekly reading assignments (cases, commercial outlines and horn book readings) and ungraded assignments. Over the course of the year, the student must submit a few cases to the school. Telecommunications classes have similar (the same?) reading assignments but they also required the student to submit weekly written assignments and to engage in a discussion forum. I guess that means the Telecommunications classes are more structured than are the Independent Study classes.

    Midterm exams are self-administered. They always (so far) include an essay question. Midterms in courses covered on the MBE include MBE-like (i.e., multiple choice questions). Very little weight is given to midterm exam grades. Final exams are proctored (you have to find a proctor) but otherwise very similar to the midterms. So far, I have found Taft's exam questions---both essay and multiple choice---to be much more difficult than those on the Baby Bar.

    I'm in the 4-year bar JD program because I want the option to take the bar exam. I never considered the 3-year program and I would not consider them to substitutes for each other.

    As I noted above, I completed my first year in the independent study program and my second year in the telecommunications program. I much prefer the former to the latter so I am now back in the independent study program. I can arrange to speak with a faculty member when/if I care to. Otherwise, a faculty member calls me once a year. Last year, I missed the call and did not return it. I'd have to say that I'm not the best person to ask about the supportiveness of faculty.
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    Hi gravamen,

    Thanks for your insight.
    What kind of work do you do now? And how will you intend to utilize your future JD?

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    im gonna take my MBE at Taft Law School next month

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