Suggestions for Business Cert programs?

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    Actually, these are certificates, not certifications. That's different.

    A certificate is offered by an education or training institution to document you've completed a prescribed course of training. No warranties beyond that. What these might mean depends on their perception by others, how rigorous or thorough the education/training was, whether or not the learning was measured, the reputation of the provider, etc.

    A certification, on the other hand, is normally awarded by a certifying or professional body, and can represent many things, such as experience, completion of a training program, holding other academic degrees, completion of a certification test, etc. There seems to be an uptick in the number of professional bodies offering certification to their professions' members. Examples include the PMP, CPLP, and SHRP.

    As for business certificate programs, there are hundreds, if not thousands.
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    Try Fort Hayes State University. They Offer a graduate certificate in business that is quite affordable.
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    Expensive, but I learned a lot. It gave me the confidence boost I needed to begin an MBA program.
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