Stricter control over e-learning

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  1. Xtra

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    How to control if the person do it entire online with the University? And the local agent just act as reseller.

    Stricter control over e-learning

    KUALA LUMPUR: New guidelines will be formulated to regulate e-learning programmes to ensure Malaysia’s reputation as a centre of education is not tarnished.

    “E-learning is a type of distance learning; one that utilises ICT, so we need specific guidelines to regulate it,” Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow said at the Fourth International Conference on e-Learning and Information yesterday.

    He said Malaysia had the potential to be a leading e-learning and distance learning provider, but a few errant providers were tarnishing the image.

    “There are no shortcuts for quality control, branding and providing perfect service except for the commitment from the providers.

    “This is important if we are to make Malaysia an education centre of excellence,” he said.

    “That is why the ministry is in the process of drawing up specific guidelines and procedures on e-learning and distance learning programmes,” Fu added.

    The ministry imposes strict guidelines on private institutions that want to provide distance learning programmes, including getting the approval of the National Accreditation Board.

    Fu said certain private universities and colleges were found to have placed misleading advertisements in the newspapers.

    “This confuses students. Probably, some parties are deliberate in not revealing clear and precise information to the students. If this is not stopped, their permits for distance learning programmes will be revoked,” he said.
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    You get the distinct feeling that the Minister does not fully understand the concept of e-learning!
  3. DesElms

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    Or that Xtra, et al, thinks this is a Malaysian forum?

    That said, it's not that the article has no value here.

    But, Xtra, don't forget the rule about not posting essentially the entire article. Just quote enticing little snippets that either make your point or to which you want to make sure and call the reader's attention; and then include a link to the entire story.
  4. davidhume

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    I think xtra has copied the whole story if it came from the Star Malaysian newspaper which seemed to have been the one to carry the story.

    And I think xtra also raises an interesting point; how is a government going to regulate a student undertaking a course of study offered by a 'foreign' university through e-learning or even distance learning?
  5. decimon

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    The forum has been international in scope.
  6. Jack Tracey

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    Xtra - I would appreciate it if you could give us a list of the legitimate universities in Malaysia that provide distance learning degree programs. This is something that I know very little about and I'd like to learn more.
  7. DesElms

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    Yes, but it is unquestionably and unambiguously U.S.-based, in largest measure. Does that mean international posts are not welcome here? Of course not. Heck, every time any of us recommends a South African, or a UK or an Australian insitution, it becomes an international post.

    But it's not unreasonable to feel tired of all the recent Malaysian posts around here... especially when we know that they're probably just to curry favor with the colleges/universities for which their authors are agents.

    It's also not unreasonable to wonder if it would be better if the subject of a thread such as this one could have had the words "in Malaysia" added to it by the author, as a courtesy, so that those of us who just don't care what goes on in that white-collar-crime-ridden country, where any official can be bribed to look the other way, can just skip past it.

    Or are you going to try to lecture a liberal about inclusiveness?
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  8. DesElms

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    Yes, in seeming contradiction to what I just wrote, above, I, too, would now like to see such a list. I'm not sure why Jack wants to; nor do I begrudge him the inquiry for whatever are his reasons. But if it ends-up being a list from a governmental web site, then maybe we can start cutting short some of these endless Malaysian discussions by just referring to it, as we now do the USDE and/or CHEA web sites in the U.S., or the DFES site in the UK, etc.
  9. Xtra

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    You should ask the moderator to set all this conditions. I think you are the one and only one in degreeinfo was asking people to stop posting. This wording was showing you was so pride of yourself and you was always think that degreeinfo was own by you. Come on the issue of Akamai University was raise and was discuss in this forum from our point of view is based on our current facts and is true fact that been happen all over the world. And there is no excuse from peoples to give comments since Dr C had show the interest to explain all his problem and all his fantastic solution to the degreeinfo. You should not discriminate others country as not an "International". I think you should go back to K12 school to make sure you go through the study of civic and if possible consult AU to make sure they grant you the K12 certificate of achievement.

    The issue which was published by Malaysia ministry is part of whoes problems and the root cause was from whom. All these junk so call universities was form from US and you are telling me that this is our nation issue. You should be another Tom Carey... A Big Joke and Jerk in this discussion session. You better shut up.

  10. Jack Tracey

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    I've recently asked for a listing of legitimate Malaysian universities offering DL degree programs. My reason for this is simply to expand the library of DL offerings available to informed consumers. I think that it is well established that I am an active advocate for South African distance learning opportunities and I have also dipped my toes into the murky waters of Chinese distance learning. Mr. Xtra has indicated that there is a growing number of legitmate DL opportunities in Malaysia and I am hoping that he can provide us with a list of these opportunities. Everyone benefits from increased exposure to legitimate opportunities.

    I confess that I am somewhat perplexed by Mr. Xtra's response. It is, perhaps a problem with the language barrier. Despite this, I am happy to forge forward and restate my request.

    I am simply asking Mr. Xtra to provide a list (not even a complete list) of the DL opportunities offered by legitimate Malaysian universities. I have not asked anyone to stop posting. I am asking you to continue to post. I would like to have some of the information that you possess. Thanks for your patience with my poor articulation.
  11. Xtra

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    In Malaysia we got many university established by the governemnt and following are some and part of the university currently available in Malaysia offering DL:
    1. Open University Malaysia
    2. University Science Malaysia
    3. UTAR
    4. UTM
    5. Tunku Abdul Razak U

    and many more which is recognise by Malaysia Government.

    Sorry if my reply to Des was something biase to the other world but simply just to let people know that we are not behave something like what Des had shown to the room.


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