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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by thomaskolter, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. thomaskolter

    thomaskolter New Member

    My company placed this career diploma course and a few others on full tuition reimbursement as in they would pay the whole thing. I know its not a degree school but does anyone have any information on this school and the specific program?

    Does it seem like a worthwhile program for specific consideration for gaining theory of this subject in the workplace setting?

    They would pay for other related sorts of schools anyone know of other similar career diploma programs that might be better?

    Understand this is to gain specific general knowledge to be used in practical terms in my work not for a degree or higher credential- and its free. So look at it and my questions on those terms.
  2. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    I guess if it would help you earn points within the organization you work for, go for it. Just remember that Stratford is not accredited, and chances are that the diploma may not be recognized with any value outside of your organization.

    Here is what I would do:

    I would find out how much your employer is willing to pay (and I'm guessing it would be about $5,000 or less), and then ask them to pay some or possibly all of the tuition in a low-cost degree like what they offer at Ashworth College. Sure, Ashworth has its issues, but it will be an accredited degree, and if your employer pays the full tuition it will have been earned with no cost to you.
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  3. thomaskolter

    thomaskolter New Member

    I checked with my company and this school now that it is accedited is going to be almost all covered. The company will pay for $2500 per program up to $5000. SO I could get the AS in Business Management take that and my credits earned in Liberal Arts topics and go to say Excelsior if they are inclined and earn a BS in Liberal Arts there combining both and they would pay another $2500 for that. In other words could earn my BS in the long run for a few hundred dollars. At least in practice.

    I sent Excelsior an e-mail about this possibility. Well it doesn't hurt to ask. ;)
  4. RobbCD

    RobbCD New Member

    This is solid advice.
  5. thomaskolter

    thomaskolter New Member

    Its not that bad a program at least.
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  6. Dave C.

    Dave C. New Member

    As a UK-based outsider I have little knowledge of the minefield of US DL education, but Thomas, is it me or are you on a mission to extol the virtues of anything slightly dubious or without accreditation?

    Have you ever considered a decent accredited organisation that might offer some utility in the longer-term?

    Or do you have some other agenda?

    I couldn’t care less if I am honest but I’m not convinced you are a positive influence on this forum.


    Dave C.
  7. thomaskolter

    thomaskolter New Member

    No I'm enrolled in Excelsior but my employer will cover two seperate programs, if I can do this school for a credit block for the BSc degree why not. Its virtually free. And I'll get an accredited AS. I only asked because this course in on my employers list to pay full tuition for and several people have done this program.

    After some advice I decided the stronger program is worth looking into- is there something wrong with that?
  8. RobbCD

    RobbCD New Member

    You cannot transfer credits into Excelsior from an unaccredited school. I think you are trying to mislead members of this board into thinking that you can.

    There is something wrong with that.:mad:
  9. Junior1

    Junior1 member

    misleading in what sense? what can be wrong with that???

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