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  1. rook901

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    Out of curiosity, I signed up for Straighterline's Pharmacology I course. I am an RN with 6 years' experience in various healthcare fields (LPN and EMT background), so this information is not new to me. I'm primarily going through the course because I thought it would be a good, comprehensive review of pharm, and I'm currently enrolled in an RN-to-BSN program at a local university and thought that there might be a slim chance that they would accept it in lieu of their pharm course (hey, I can dream, right?).

    Anyway, I've only completed 3 out of 17 or so modules, and completed the first exam (which covers those 3 modules). Already, I have found several errors in the program material. Even basic errors, such as the homework exam telling me that I should have selected to administer one whole 250mcg tab to get a dose of 125mcg instead of giving 1/2 250mcg tab. It doesn't take a pharmacist to figure out that if you want to give 125mcg, you don't give 250mcg.

    This is pretty worrisome to me. I thought that, if this course was decent, even if my school didn't accept the credit for the nursing program, there are a couple of courses that would fit the bill for Gen Eds that I need.

    Has anyone else had problems with the accuracy of SL material? I don't want to spend a lot of time on SL if it's going to turn out to be full of garbage.
  2. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    The course you are taking is new, but you are not the only one to experience errors. I would simply call your advisor and point it out. A few people simply ignore the errors and take a pass, but if you point them out, hopefully they will be changed. I mean really, we don't want people to actually THINK that 125 is the same as 250 do we? :)

    If you want to see a BSN that for sure accepts all the SL courses, you can look at TESC. Their RN to BSN is new, but they have a policy already in place toaccept any ACE evaluated courses, so it would be a sure thing instead of a dream. Thomas Edison State College
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  3. StraighterLine

    StraighterLine New Member

    Thanks for pointing out the issues. cookderosa is correct these are new courses and if students point out any errors, which in this case is content that originated at the publisher, we will make the appropriate changes to our courses once the issues are verified. The issues you raised have been fixed.

    You can see the documentation of this fix and follow any other course updates from this site:
    PHARM101: Corrected one topic 3 homework bank question « StraighterLine Record of Course Improvements (this is the actual documentation of the fix you described)

    Thanks for the feedback and if you happen to catch any others please let your course advisor know.

    Thanks again.
  4. rook901

    rook901 New Member

    Thanks cookderosa and SL. I guess I was just a little overly concerned as this was the first SL course I've enrolled in.
  5. ryoder

    ryoder New Member

    There are some errors that I have come across, however since you only need a 70% to get credit, its not a big deal if you lose 2.5% on a test due to one incorrect answer. You should speak up, however in order to increase course quality. I never do since I am too busy :)
  6. GoodyCap

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    Errors I've found in my studies in just the last 2 days with Straighterline.

    Chapter #25, Question #7 reads
    , p 518. "Which of the following processes occurs in the nucleus and forms a complementary copy of one strand of the DNA molecule for gene expression.? The appendix says the answer is B) "translation". This answer is incorrect. It should be C) transcription. Transcription occurs in the nucleus.

    Chapter #9, Question # 1 in the “assess yourself asks” Blank forms the out protective covering of the plant. The appendix says the answer is b) ground tissue. However, the books says on page 144 it reads,

    “ The functions of these three specialized tissues include the following:

    Epidermal tissue forms the outer protective covering of a plant.

    Ground tissue fills the interior of a plant.

    Vascular tissue transports water and nutrients in a plant and provides support.” So the correct answer should be Epidermal tissue.

    Chapter #9, Question # 3 reads, “Which of the following would NOT be found in the shoot system of the plants?” According to the appendix, the answer is A) stem. However, see page 148, “The root system simply consists of the roots, whereas the shoot system consists of the stem and leaves.” So the answer should be, B) roots.

    Chapter #9, Question # 4 reads, “ Nodes and internodes are found on the blank of the plant. “ The appendix says that the answer is C) leaves. This is incorrect because the book reads on page 149 ,” A node occurs where leaves are attached to the stem, and an internode is the region between the nodes (see Fig. 9.5). The presence of nodes and internodes is the characteristic used to identify a stem, even if it happens to be an underground stem. The correct answer is B) stems.

    Chapter #9, Question # 5 reads, “All of the following are vegetative organs except, and the appendix says the answer is c) stems. However, according to the book, on page p148, “ In plants, the roots, stems, and leaves are called the vegetative organs. Vegetative organs are involved in growth and nutrition, but not reproduction. Flowers, seeds, and fruit are examples of reproductive organs. p 148. “ Out of the answer options given, the answer should have been “E) flowers.
  7. Neuhaus

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    I have not taken a class anywhere ever where there were not at least a few errors in the course material or on a test. The difference between this and a B&M school is that at the B&M school the professor laughs it off, gives everyone an extra two points and life goes on and here you email customer service.
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