StraighterLine course credits?

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  1. Lerner

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    Seems like they offer college credit fully online with significant savings.

    They state that:
    Excelsior College is one of their partners - StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships cut cost significantly.
  2. Vonnegut

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  3. Phdtobe

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    For an unaccredited institution sraighterline courses are expensive. Many of us on DI might be able to complete a course in two months Or less, us$259. But are DIers average students. I will guess that an average to below average student will be the norm market segment for straighter line. That is 4 months plus proctor. At least us$459 per course. Not cheap, thus the arrangement is designed to maximize wealth from average to below average students. These students might best be suited applying at their local community college.
  4. LearningAddict

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    It's good that their courses are ACE evaluated so through ACE a student can get their credits and not have to worry. With the monthly fee, and charging per course on top of that, SL has to be cleaning up pretty nicely.
  5. Phdtobe

    Phdtobe Well-Known Member

    Also we have been promoting SL without the same critical examination we do to other unaccredited institutions, especially foreign. The value of SL has been overstated.
  6. LearningAddict

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    I think their ACE status along with their partnerships with a number of schools has been the driving force behind that.
  7. cookderosa

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    First of all, no one pays full price for Straighterline courses (or at least they shouldn't) but you do have to pay that pesky $99/month subscription fee. The way to accumulate Straighterline credit cost-effectively is to do it as quickly as possible. I had 2 sons rack up a significant amount of credit this way.
  8. Phdtobe

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