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    I took 3 of my nursing prerequisites classes through straighterline . This was for a nursing program that uses straighterline. While waiting to hear from them I went to a local community college and met with a nursing counselor to see if i qualify for their program. I expained how straighterline works with partner colleges, so after a few calls to admissions she said if I could have the classes put on a transcript from a partner college and it would be ok. I had my straighterline classes transferred to Charter Oak State College where I opened a credit bank and now the classes where on a transcript.
    I am 1 month away from completing my ASN program and receive a call from admission wanting the actual straighterline transcripts. Straigherline is not a school and the only accreditation I believe is ACE.
    I wanted to know if they would be able to hold my degree after i have gone through the program and require me to retake my prerequisites for the program that i took through straighterline?
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    So order an ACE transcript and have it sent to them.

    You will have to check with your school for a definitive answer. Any yea or nay response you get on this forum would be speculation.

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