Still believe credentials don't matter?

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    Inside Higher Education

    Examining an Island Medical School

    The article discusses how off-shore medical schools are growing in number and with that a concombinant amount of graduates seeking licensure in the US.

    But also included is a discussion that the chancellor of one such institution used a unaccredited, diploma mill doctorate as his "credential."

    Given the brohaha over the PhD(c) question, it was interesting to see that The American College of Metaphysical Theology openly tells its "students" that they are entitled "legitimately" to add to their resume: "Ph.D., American College of Metaphysical Theology (Degree expected Winter, 1998)."

    Yes, this "institution" is a flat out diploma mill (doctorates for $249). Still, it was enough for someone to be hired to run a medical school that supplies physicians to the US.

    [Also interesting, in the linked article How to Judge Non-Profits, there is a posting to the comment section from a Canyon College graduate (the home of the PhD(c)) defending the institution as a legitmate alternative provider of quality education.]

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