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  1. has anyone taken dantes statistics exam? what did you use to study?
  2. MrLazy

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    I took the DSST Statistics test in early August. Scored a 78. I used and CliffNotes QuickReview Statistics.
  3. beholdweb

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    DANTES Statistics was by far the hardest exam I have taken so far. I hated it with a passion. Even so, I got a 71 on it. So it is definitely doable...even for a math phobic like myself.

    I bought a Texas Instruments BAII+ calculator for about $30. Knowing how to use the statistics functions was PRICELESS to me on the exam.

    To study, I used:

    Hope that helps!

  4. THANKS!!!
  5. Fortunato

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    I used the Princeton Review's Guide to the AP Statistics Exam (can probably pick up for around $14 new, much less used or in an old edition) and passed with a 75. If I remember correctly, you can't take programmable calculators into the exam, but the DSST folks make a list of "approved" calculators available. This test made me really nervous, but is very passable with careful study. Good luck!


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