States that I can take the LPN test without coursework

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  1. Hille

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    Hi, Sounds strange but I maintain a medical tech. license (2 year program with registry) and think I could power through this test. If I could become LPN or MST I would have a real financial boost at work. I think there was mention of a possibility in Texas but cannot find that post. Thanks. Hille
  2. Jonathan Whatley

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    You might be thinking about the California LVN challenge route, which sets a high bar in its eligibility requirements.

    This doesn't answer your question, but the CNA license can be challenged in Florida; see Delta's and my posts here. I've seen states where a challenged Florida CNA license specifically isn't accepted for licensing by reciprocity (though a Florida CNA license earned after attending an approved training program might be accepted for reciprocity).
  3. Jonathan Whatley

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    This is new to me. It looks like Multi-Skilled Technician (or Multi-Skilled Health Technician) is used in and around New Jersey. Camden County College, Warren County Career Center, Harris School of Business. It looks like the MST is a CNA stacked with a few shorter credentials including Home Health Care Aide, Phleobotomy Technician, HCP CPR First Aid, etc.; the exact list may vary. Could you build up an equivalent standing by completing the components individually? Note that the Camden CC MST program "may be completed within 1 semester if a student is already CNA certified and course sections are available."
  4. cookderosa

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    CNA doesn't require coursework in Illinois or Iowa, but you have to pass both a written and skills exam. People in my class failed after 6 weeks of hands-on hand-feeding by our instructor. But, CNA doesn't feed into an LPN in Illinois or Iowa, so that might not help.
  5. Hille

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    Hello and thanks for the ideas. Most of my mothers care has been done by MSTs during her time in the hospital. They definitely do more in care, blood draws, ect. This is NJ and I am not sure what happens in other states. Hille
  6. rook901

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    You will not be eligible to sit for NCLEX-PN without attending a state-approved LPN or LVN program. Good luck.

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