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    I am working on a statement of intent for graduate school admissions to Salve Regina. I can also tailor it to and use it for other schools if need be. Where would I get feedback before I submit it? I asked my husband and my best friend to look at it and they both gave me feedback. Anywhere else I can get it looked at? Anyone here want to pick it apart? ;)

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    I have written two letters as part of the admission process to graduate school. I was accepted into each program. I did not have any help but chose to wing it with the feeling that too much polishing would look too polished and thus, possibly insincere. I'm sure those reviewing these letters see plenty and quickly learn to discern who copied and pasted (I realize you are not suggesting this) and who wrote a letter from the heart.

    Go with the obvious, why you want to enter the field and why you want that particular school. Check for typos and grammar and run with it.

    My 2¢

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    I asked my roommate and my friend profread before I submitted it.
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    I agree, just give them the basics. Your background, where you want to go, where SRU fits and also give them an idea of your strengths which would lead to success in grad school. Check for grammar and typos and I don't think you'll have any trouble. I think I dashed mine of in about 15 minutes or less.
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