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    In order to obtain permanent K12 license for Connecticut the Dept of Ed is requiring that I retake courses that I already took to get my Masters in Canada at a well ranked university. I am currently teaching full time for the state.

    Although my school has furnished detailed transcripts, the WES (World Education Services) evaluators will not read these transcripts or do any investigation into their validity on their own. Basically, they won't make any comment whatsoever, nor can you get anyone on the phone--a P.O. Box type organization, highly NOT recommended.

    The State says they can't make any determinations without WES (or some agency evaluation). Any ideas on how to cut red tape and avoid wasting $ on retaking basic courses? Thx!
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    I have some ideas you can try. Check for a list of States that have reciprocal agreements with Connecticut, and then see if you can get certified in another state, first, and then add your CT certification afterward.
    Things may have changed but back in the mid '90s, I met all the requirements for NY State Certification and got certified. I ended up moving to PA and found their requirements were different and I would need additional courses! Even though NY and PA are not reciprocal states, in many ways they give (or did at that time) highly preferential treatment to someone already certified in NY. I had to take Praxis Tests in PA, but New York had their own separate (non-Praxis) test. Once I got certified in NY, I earned my certification in PA after taking and passing the Praxis tests, and providing documentation of my work experience (subbing, teaching GED classes, etc.) and was granted PA certification with little hassle.

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