State employer says kaplin is not an accredited university?? What!!

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  1. StefanM

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    I think you are assuming a lot from these statements. Perhaps the schools you attended didn't have the right faculty to teach you about the danger of assumptions?

    Comments made in a verbal interview are not necessarily able to be judged as indicative of one's ability to communicate in written format. Furthermore, the interviewee was clearly exasperated because of her experiences, and this may have also played a role.

    Additionally, not everyone who earns a degree will have perfect sentence structure.

    I know nothing about Kaplan, but your assumptions are unwarranted and arrogant.
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    That still doesn't explain the bad math. We all know 3 courses doesn't equal 18 credits.
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    Below is a perspective from Eastern Michigan University, a CADE-accredited public school with an online dietetics program. Apparently EMU is accustomed to picking up the pieces after students figure out the limitations of Kaplan University's nutrition science program:

    It's great that students can get a second chance at a properly accredited school -- but unfortunately, there is no second chance when it comes to previous Kaplan debt.
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    I think she means she took 3 classes at a time, per each 8 (or 6) -week session. Therefore 6 classes total during the first and second summer sessions would equate to 18 units. I'm just assuming Kaplan is on the 8-week system (I don't even feel like going to their website to check). If they're not on the 8 (or 6) week system, then I really have no clue.
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    A smart employee would have checked to verify the degree was acceptable to her employer.
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    Exactly! I've been misquoted in the paper several times, this is likely. Also, in conversations your non-verbal communication/inflection/pauses, etc. helps convey messages that a reporter has to intuit (like a comma or a period!) and then write as a script.
    I believe that the sentence about summer was meant to say that she took 3 courses in the summer AND she took 18 credits (during the full semesters) which were like having a full time job.
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    Welcome to the fourms.....sorry you made a bad first post. Try not to trash my grammer, I only have a DETC degree :tongue2:
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    Watt you talkin bout? :nana: Great to see you posting!
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