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  1. srifin

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    PK SUBRA can you pls reply me back i need some help here

    [PK SUBRA can you pls reply me back i need some help here w.r.t the IT Benchmarking Certificate.
  2. greg_cool

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    Exam Feedback

    I did take the exam and didn't get any feedback on which are the questions I got wrong. I am clearly missing something. Where did you get this information? This is really useful information
  3. sshuang

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    Hi greg_cool,

    I am also thinking about taking the course.
    Did you find the course useful?
    Could you share your thought?

  4. davidson1120

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    Nice find for that certificate courses.
  5. pksubra

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    To everyone asking questions.
    The course consists of 4 modules. While the modules are short, you need 100% for each one of the exams to pass the course. (to answer some ones question: at the end of the exam, you do NOT see which questions are right or wrong). You have three attempts at the exam. While the complexity of these modules maybe okay, it is quite hard to get 100% (as sometimes the interpretation of the questions/answer might be upto debate).

    The course gives an overview of the IT Benchmarking process. This is primarily directed at the Senior Management (IT director, senior manager etc...) level. The course will be easier to understand if you have an understanding of high level management processes and procedures. However, the course is open to anyone.

    At the end of the course you have a course project, for which you would need access to company data (more specifically your company IT spending, high level info on IT projects in your company and approx spending on each of these projects).

    The course material is of high quality and the Stanford lecturer is very knowledgable on this topic.
  6. purnima2

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    Hi Srifin.

    Were you able to pass it finally?
    I'm also stuck with the first module. They do not indicate which questions you have failed.
    Can you share answers for 4 and 5 questions?

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    read read and re-read .. you will pass.
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    Important Announcement

    Please note that the IT Benchmarking Certificate will be sunsetting as of March 31,2013.

    Any students currently pursuing, and enrolled in, courses in the IT Benchmarking Certificate will be allowed to complete any courses they have paid for.

    If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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