Staffordshire University - IT Bachelor's Degree (online) for £7,605 GBP!

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    Staffordshire University offers Information And Communication Technology (Top-Up) BSc (Hons) program for two years of part time study.
    Each year costs £2,040 GBP. The program costs £4,080 GBP in total.

    This program requires a foundation degree from their Computer Science program below:
    The foundation degree costs £3,525 GBP, 3 years of part time study.

    So you need to get the foundation degree first and then apply to the Bachelor's program.
    You can get this Information and Communication Technology degree for total £7,605 GBP in five years.

    The school has good reputation. It ranks top 800th in the world.

    The program is completely online. It won't require any external exams like DSST, CLEP,
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    5 years of part time study seems like a long time when compared to similar degree program from University of Derby. I'd recommend University of Derby's IT degree program over this.
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