"St. Regis Donates to LTS"

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  1. galanga

    galanga New Member

    Posted here:
    So do we believe this or not?

  2. Dr. Gina

    Dr. Gina New Member

    They are really trying to look legitimate. Emphasis on TRYING
  3. adamsmith

    adamsmith member

    I would think the donation is real, unlike their education!

    But good on those who have contributed and let's hope it goes a little way to relieve some suffering in Liberia.
  4. galanga

    galanga New Member

    I wonder...

    ...if the donation came from the personal funds of that Saint Regis "Humanitarian Affairs & Public Relations Staff" chap, Bob Stefaniak?

    Mr. Stefaniak is the most frequent poster (by a factor of three) at The Liberian Forum. His posts tend to express sympathy and concern for the citizens of Liberia, and do not focus on matters relating to Saint Regis.

    This is from a December 5, 2003 archive of a Saint Regis page:
    I think this is probably the first announcement of any disbursement of funds from SRU-LEAF. It does lead one to question the accuracy of that $28,000 figure mentioned above.

    Ishaq Shafiq got himself disappeared from the SRU web site after he and Mr. Stefaniak were ambushed by the press during their visit to Chrysler. But Bob Stefaniak is still able to maintain his SRU connection. I am curious if this first award of SRU_LEAF funds has been made possible through the charitable good example of a donation on his part, also helping to keep him in the good graces of SRU?

    Maybe Mr. Shafiq kicked in to keep SRU from being overly annoyed with him?

    Mr. Stefaniak announces the news article in this post:
    Why is he surprised by the news when the article says "In a press statement, the Director of the Humanitarian Affairs, Dr. Robert stefaniak said, 'after contacting Pastor R. Zarwulugbo Liberty,...'"?

    The pieces don't really fit together properly.

  5. adamsmith

    adamsmith member

    So long as needy Liberians benefit from the funds, to hell with the St Regis politics!
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What do we know about Liberty Theological Seminary?
  7. adamsmith

    adamsmith member

    Taking the Lord's Name in Vain!

    St. Regis University, which chartered in Liberia and fully accredited by the Liberian Minister of Education, raised the money through its alumni as a humanitarian drive, selected the Liberty Theological Seminary to be among the first missions to receive donations from that humanitarian drive.

    In a press statement, the Director of the Humanitarian Affairs, Dr. Robert stefaniak said, “after contacting Pastor R. Zarwulugbo Liberty, the founder of the Liberty Theological Seminary in Liberia, with assurance that he can provide us with a safe channel to donate money from our humanitarian drive to aid in your mission and benefit your school, I am now certain that the Lord directed us in a proper direction,”

    It really is a sad situation where St Regis claims their doubtful and dubious accreditation through the Liberian DOE, then ropes in the name of the 'Lord' who has 'directed us in the right direction' in regard to their humanitarian efforts

    Pity they wouldn't seek the Lord's will when it comes to less than wonderful business dealings!
  8. bullet

    bullet New Member


    I made a comment that I thought, that St. Regis may not be accredited by the Liberian Ministry of Education. Maybe they claim they are but I think that maybe its to hard to verify so that is why they get away with it.

    So, can someone who has the knowledge please, for my benefit tell me, if St Regis is accredited by the Liberian Ministry of Education or not.

    I dont care if its dubious or whatever. Are they or are they not?
  9. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Thank you Jimmy! We know precisely zip about Pastor Z, less about Liberty, and nothing whatever about whether this benefits any actual Liberian sufferer in any way at any time.

    Adamsmith, I appreciate your evident goodwill toward the Lone Star, but this thing ain't a mitzvah till it's mostly real.

    Speaking of reality, more or less, you wouldn't happen to have any connection to Adam Smith University of Liberia, Saipan, Wyoming, Hawaii, South Dakota, France, Connecticut, and (of course) UNESCO?
  10. adamsmith

    adamsmith member

    Sorry, Uncle, but my only interest in Adam Smith is the real one who lived a couple hundred years ago and made a real contribution to education and society!

    My goodwill to StRegis is with the hope that with the many hundred of thoasands of dollars they have fleeced off students, a small portion may dribble back to some poor needy soul.
  11. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Thanks. I was not implying, I was asking.

    I don't have the link, but there is a group attempting to raise money to help rehabilitate the very real, genuinely accredited, and badly devastated University of Liberia. Someone with connections to Cuttington College or the Tubman Polytechnic (both also real, current condition unknown to me) might be able to suggest donation options, too. I would rather funnel any Liberian donations through a recognised charity (Oxfam, World Vision, what have you) than St Regis.

    Perhaps Stefaniak is having what Julian of Norwich (or was it Beatrice Lillie?) called the agenbite of inwit. Let's hope so, but St Regis supped at the table of the warlords and I will be deeply sceptical about this latest instance of millist philanthropy. In asking "cui bono?", I ask only with whom they are trying to ingratiate themselves now.

    Regards, Janko

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