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  1. sniper

    sniper New Member

    Somebody from Sabah - Malaysia just graduated with a PhD in maritime law from this university or is it St George University International UK. Is this university for real or just a diploma mill?

    More info please....thanks :D
  2. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    The degrees are illegal in those states that specifically regulate degree use; indeed, Oregon called them a diploma mill last year.

    According to my data base, in the year 2000 they were claiming a campus in Oxford, England, another in Japan, and in 21 other countries.

    By 2002, they were saying that they were a "private international university, and not a UK, USA or Japanese university and not accredited or recognized by any governmental ministry of education" and that they have "no offices or facilities in any other country except for the registered head office in St. Christopher and Nevis”.

    It is unlikely that any properly-recognized university (for instance, members of the Association of Commonwealth Universities) would recognize or accept their degrees.

    John Bear
    Co-author, Degree Mills: the Billion-Dollar Industry that has sold more than a million fake diplomas (Prometheus Books, 2005;
  3. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Nor have they any recognition from the Kittitian government.
  4. sniper

    sniper New Member

    Thanks for the prompt feedback.
    Any links to this "university"?
  5. George Brown

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  6. sniper

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    Thanks...another fake PhD scam exposed in Malaysia:D

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