St Bede's Anglican Catholic Theological College

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    ASIC, search the forum, we've been down that road many times. It doesn't mean anything. Their use of the word "accreditation" is not the same as US accreditation and it's somewhat debatable whether they are aware and intentionally profiting off of that discrepancy or if it is just a happy coincidence.

    Beyond that, this is an internal training program for clergy of the Anglo Catholic Church of Canada. It's small. But it's definitely a denomination and has full time clergy (some of them anyway) and a handful or two of parishes across Canada. If you want to become a priest in this church, then this is your training program. However, it would likely offer no utility outside of that church.

    Alternatives depend highly on your objectives. if you want to become an Anglican priest then you ought seek education in an approved Anglican seminary for whichever jurisdiction you hope to join.

    ATS accreditation is the gold standard for theological education followed by RA and then non-faith based accreditors such as DEAC. Were ABHE and TRACS falls into this hierarchy is subject to a debate I really don't have energy for today.

    Beyond denominational affiliation, there are a handful of reputable multi or non-denominational seminaries. Not too far from where I live is Northeastern Seminary. ATS Accredited, MDiv available online and serves something like 30 (predominantly small) denominations. But again, it really depends on where you want to work. Harvard Divinity School is undoubtedly legitimate. However, earning an M.Div from there will not allow you to slip into the catholic priesthood without further training. Likewise, an M.Div from Holy Apostles, a Catholic seminary in Boston that offers online Masters, is probably not going to sufficient if you want to get a job as a Baptist minister.

    Though I don't really like to delve into this chapter in my life, there was a time when I dabbled in an independent Catholic church and went through their seminary program which awarded an STL (with state approval in a state that doesn't grant religious exemptions). My attitude leans more toward internal seminary programs are fine but I would steer clear of ones that claim to award degrees without any form of accreditation or even state approval. It isn't uncommon to find a group based in NY but their "seminary" is based in Florida because there is virtually no oversight of religious seminaries there and it's a super easy approval process.
    Want to take advantage of internal training for ordination? Awesome. But I don't like the idea of walking around with an M.Div. of questionable provenance. I'd have less issue with a person sporting an M.Div. from Trinity in Newburgh or Louisiana Baptist over some of these post office box seminaries that graduate maybe 5 students over the span of a decade.

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