Sports Mgmt/Exercise Science Online?

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  1. racechick8293

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    Anyone know of sports managment or exercise science courses or degrees available online?

    I am particularly interested in the following classes:
    Intro to Sports Management
    Sports History and Philosophy
    Science and Wellness in Sport

  2. -kevin-

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  3. me again

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    How about the following:
    • SML7000 - The Pre-Game Warm-up to Sports Management
      SML7001 - Leadership in Collegiate Athletics
      SML7002 - Leadership and the Professional World of Sports
      SML7003 - Sports Leadership and Ethics
      SML7004 - Advising the Student Athlete
      SML7005 - Sports Revenue Management and Leadership
      SML7006 - The High School AD: Leading in a Time of Change
      SML7007 - Level the Playing Field: Diversity in Sports
      SML7008 - Leadership and the International Sports Organization
      SML7009 - Sports Broadcasting
      SML7010 - Leading a Professional Baseball Organization
      SML7011 - Salary Capology
      SML7012 - The Essentials of the Law in Sports
      SML7013 - The Economics of Sports
      SML7014 - Fiscal Responsibility and Sport Stewardship

      Source (scroll down a tad to see it)
  4. Ted Heiks

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    Me again's recommendation was for Northcentral University which offers the MBA Sports Management.

    Fed's recommendation was for the United States Sports Academy (BG15, 175), which offers the master's and doctorate.

    And I believe American Military University (BG15, 97) may offer an MBA Sports Management; at any rate they do offer an MBA course in Sports Entrepreneurship.

    Schools mentioned in Bears Guide are:

    University of Leicester (BG15, 138) Master's
    National University (BG15, 124) Bachelor's
    University of Pretoria (BG15, 143) Bachelor's
    South Bank University (BG15, 172) Master's & Doctorate
    University of Teesside (BG15, 181) Master's & Doctorate
  5. Ted Heiks

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    Bears' Guide does not seem to have a Subject Index category called Exercise Science; but if Kinesiology does it for you, try:

    Central Queensland University (BGT15, 103) Bachelor's
    University of Texas System (BG15, 147) Master's
  6. Ted Heiks

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  7. Ted Heiks

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  8. Ted Heiks

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    Individual Courses:


    Austin CC
    Open Learning Agency
    University of Texas Permian Basin
    University of Waterloo

    Sports Studies/Sciences:

    University of Alabama
    Bakersfield College
    Cumberland University
    Eastern Washington University
    Emporia State University
    Gennessee CC
    University of Kansas
    University of Oklahoma
    Sacred Heart University
    University of Southern Mississippi
    State University of New York Cortland
    Tompkins Cortland CC
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    Thanks for your post, Fed. My step-daughter started recently at NCU in the Sports Management PhD program, and she is sorely disappointed. She will drop after this course. I sent her the info you posted on United States Sports Academy. Perhaps that will prove to be more in step with here needs.

    Now if I could only figure out what I want to go to grad schoold for. :confused:. Oh, well, in time.
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  10. edowave

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    My friend in the sports industry tell me that USSA is "the" university for sports management in the US, DL or otherwise, though you might be better off in a local college if you coming from no experience looking to get your foot in the door.
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    American Public University offers BS and MS in this area.
    then click American Public University


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