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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by northernsand, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. northernsand

    northernsand New Member


    I am new to the forums. I'm just beginning to seek out adjunct jobs that would be suitable for me.

    I'm interested in teaching Education courses, Recreation/Sport Management courses, Science courses (Life or Physical Sciences), and/or General Studies courses.

    I have taught high school for 3.5 years in Life Science (currently certified in Biology and Physical Science.) I have been a long-term sub in a middle school Technology classroom. I have worked for three community recreation centers (two youth centers and one campus center.) I have been a consultant for 3 years and developed policy manuals, training materials, master planning documents, and websites.

    I have a unique combination of degrees and coursework.

    M.Ed. - from a midwestern university in the College of Education and Human Development
    Specialization: Recreation and Tourism

    EDUCATION - 20 c.r.
    - 3 c.r. Education/Instruction
    - 3 c.r. Education/Research
    - 4 c.r. Education/Facility Planning & Mgt.

    - Policy development, planning, administration & management

    SPORT & P.E. - 4 c.r.
    - Kinesiology and Sport Psychology​

    B. Sci. from a midwestern university in Secondary Education / Biology and Physical Science Certification

    EDUCATION - 35 c.r.
    - 12 c.r. Field Experiences
    - 9 c.r. Foundations
    - 3 c.r. Reading/Literacy Instruction
    - 6 c.r. Multicultural Issues
    - 5 c.r. Educational Psychology

    GENERAL STUDIES - 66 c.r.

    SCIENCE - 66 c.r.
    - 31 c.r. Biological Science & Environmental Studies
    - 26 c.r. Physical Sciences
    - 9 c.r. Science Education​

    I'm interested in learning here on the forums and contributing! I'm keen on Project-Based Learning (have had multiple professional development sessions on it and used it in my high school classroom for 3+ years) and will be interested to find out how projects work in the "virtual classroom."

    I'm also here to receive considerate and thoughtful advice on how to present my resume, credentials, and experience for adjunct work so that I can work often.

    There do not seem to be many schools that look for Recreation/Sport adjuncts for online programs. Same seems to be true for Education. I would welcome the opportunity to teach as an adjunct in either one of those fields that I love.

    As far as the sciences, my strength and passion is in Environmental Science and Ecology. I am very good with introductory Biology or Human Anatomy courses as well.

    I'm also open to any General Studies courses, or would consider working for an online high school since I have experience working with that age group.

    I would definitely like to hear from anyone who has suggestions/advice on my path to becoming an adjunct.


  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Hi John - I'm not sure why you don't want to identify the schools where you've earned your degrees but my general suggestion is that you begin your search close to home and work your way outwards.
  3. northernsand

    northernsand New Member

    Thanks for your reply!

    I'm looking for online-only schools at this point in time. Reason being is that I'm also seeking a "day job" which will entail a move this fall, and I don't know exactly where that will put me. I don't want to be stuck with a contract I can't fulfill. I live in a rust belt state with a declining economy and its not a particularly enjoyable place to be, especially during long dreary winters.

    I did some research today too, and found about 10-15 schools with Teacher Education programs and 5-10 schools with Sport Management programs. Hoping to hear from some board members who teach Teacher Education or Sport Management and can give me some more specific recommendations. I have the generalized list which I'll start working on this month.

  4. Lindagerr

    Lindagerr New Member

    Why do you not want to teach high school?

    I am just wondering, I am trying to find a way to get certified to teach here in NJ. I would prefer to teach k-8 special ed, Math or Science, but from what i have learned so far that will be difficult.

    I was led to believe that getting certified in High School science might be my best course because they are the most needed.
  5. northernsand

    northernsand New Member

    Hi Linda,

    I love teaching high school! My favorite group to teach is 9th graders.

    In the midwest there are very few teaching jobs right now. Last year a lot of teachers lost large percentages of their retirement accounts due to the economic collapse. For instance, in the Indiana district where my mom lives, the teachers had their funds with AIG. As a result, many teachers who were due to retire have decided to stay in the classroom for 2-4 more years.

    In Michigan, school districts are cutting back severely due to funding cuts. Class sizes will be up, positions will go unfilled, etc., in the next few years.

    A good friend of mine who teaches in Chicago Public Schools got laid off after 3 years. She found another position, but only after a month of substituting, and she's now in a very bad area of the city.

    Charter schools are hiring -- if you can stand to work for low pay in a very unstable environment.

    So -- down the road a few years after the funding situation stabilizes and when the retirements finally start happening, I'll be very interested in teaching high school again. But for now I need something to keep me challenged and I do enjoy teaching at all levels. Plus, I would like some summer income. Thus I am seeking to be an adjunct.


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