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    So I have applied, been accepted and just enrolled in courses that start in May 2011 at Ball State University for their Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis program. My intention with this degree is to become a consultant for various organizations but I am trying to decide if my main focus should be on working with schools or Traumatic Brain Injury.

    My question is if you planned to work with schools would it be better to have a degree in special education but still able to seek BCBA (Board Certification) certification in behavior analysis? I can work with Autism children/adults and TBI clients with either but I am unsure about the school setting. Anyone have any thoughts?

    Can you guys recommend online Special Education masters programs (excluding primarily known only for internet schools like Capella and Walden)
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    There are many online graduate K-12 SPED degree programs, including Missouri & Kansas, in special education; here are some:

    Univ. of Missouri: MEd Autism
    University of Missouri | Autism Education | Online Education Master's | MU Direct

    MEd Early childhood SPED
    University of Missouri | Early Childhood Special Education | Online Education Master's | MU Direct

    Fort Hayes State: MS in SPED
    Special Education - Fort Hays State University

    Ottawa University: MA Ed in Intervention (e.g., at-risk learners)
    Online Masters in Education

    Emporia State University: MS in SPED-Adaptive
    Emporia State University - Distance Education

    Southwestern College: MEd in SPED
    Master of Education with a Major in Special Education » Southwestern College Professional Studies

    Texas A&M University: MS or MEd in SPED
    M.Ed or M.S. in Special Education — Distance Education

    Texas Tech University: MEd in SPED
    Master of Education in Special Education :: University College :: Texas Tech University

    University of Cincinnati: MEd SPED
    Academic Programs « School of Education

    Drexel: MS SPED
    Online Master

    University of New England: MSEd SPED
    Curriculum and Instruction / Special Education (M.Ed) | SNHU

    Saint Joseph: MS SPED
    Special Education Degree Online | Master's Degree in Special Education | Saint Joseph's University

    Liberty University: MEd Teaching & Learning-SPED; MA Teaching-SPED
    Degree Programs

    Online Master in Special Education Degree | Master

    UMASS: MEd in Autism Studies
    Graduate Certificate: Autism - UMassOnline.net

    Univ. of Michigan-Dearborn: MEd-SPED Inclusion Specialist
    School of Education: University of Michigan - Dearborn

    Univ. of North Carolina-Charlotte: MA SPED
    University of North Carolina Online: Master of Arts in Teaching: Special Education (K-12): General Curriculum program

    Regent University: MEd-SPED
    M.Ed. Master's Degree in Special Education - Online Christian Graduate School - Regent University

    University of the Southwest (NM): MEd in SPED
    Special Education -

    Note: For reciprocity and educational certification requirements, check with your State’s education department regarding programmatic accreditation that may be also required (e.g., NCATE or TEAC); I’ve tried to only list those specialized accredited programs. Also as a program entry requirement, some programs will require that the applicant holds a standard classroom teaching certificate.
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    Thanks Major!!!!!!!
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    You're welcome.

    I see that your current university, Ottawa, offers an online MA or MEd.

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