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    How hard is the Spanish CLEP and how much prep is required for someone who never spoke the lang. Would one of those "Learn Spanish in 30 Days" program prepare one for the test?
    What would be good tool to use to get a score of 52 or higher?
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    I've neither yet taken nor prepared for this CLEP. But here's the list of recommendations I've got.

    "Spanish The Easy Way" (Third Ed) by Ruth Silverstein, et. al. This version of "Spanish Now, Level I" contains answers to exercises that the latter lacks. But the latter has audio cassettes geared to both. ("Spanish Now, Level II" is also available with additional tapes.)

    REA has a book geared for this exam, "Best Test Preparation for the CLEP Spanish," by Lisa Goldman. About 200 pages of grammar review, 40-50 pages of vocabulary, and 200 pages of sample exams. As elsewhere, only offical sample CLEPs should be used to gauge your preparation.

    Finally, a poster (use "search" to find it) who has taken this exam and has much useful to say about his experience. He swears by Pimsleur Language Program for Spanish (I, II, and III)--pricey, but it works! He also has other importany self-learner recommendations for languages.
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    Clep Spanish

    I just have taken CLEP Spanish and my grade was 76. That means 12 credits (4 semesters). My first language is Portuguese, but I had to read a lot in order to understand and speak Spanish. There's a lot of people who speak Spanish in this country. Trying to talk a little bit in Spanish is a good preparation. Listening is important too.

    Watch TV and listen to music in Spanish. Read magazines.

    I've learned English, Spanish and Italian just by reading books. I always get As in english and I don't how to explain about grammar rules, I just read a lot and do well on the tests. I have a friend who knows everything about grammar rules and he didn't pass the TOEFL! In contrast, I have another friend who reads a lot, like me, and he passed the TOEFL almost with the maximum grade. (I did too...)

    The CLEP Spanish is not very difficult in my opinion, but like all the tests there are always tricky questions. However, it shows basic concepts and tests your basic knowledge of the Spanish language. To measure your ability get hold of the CLEP study guide and try the mock tests. That will show you how well you can go and where to improve. Also, if you don't understand what they are saying on TV, probably you will not understand what they are saying on the listening part of the test.

    Ricardo Marques
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