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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by friendorfoe, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. friendorfoe

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    Hello all,

    I know I promised to keep a course by course journal on my experience at Southwestern College in getting a BSCJ, well, I haven't exactly followed through due to time constraints, sorry.

    To those who care, I have 2 more weeks in the 2 classes I am currently in then 4 classes more before completion. 2 at once then one and November of this year.

    So far the workload varies, right now I am taking a core class, English Comp. II which while not difficult, is a ton of work. The other classes have far fewer, but more difficult assignments.

    The teachers have all been great and recently I had a little personal crisis in which the teachers worked with me on extending deadlines, etc. without penalties. The whole experience has been for the bad news......

    These courses are 6 weeks long. That's 3 semester hours in 6 weeks and I've been taking 2 courses at a time. When I wake up, I do school work. When I get off of work, I do school work, when I have a day off, I do school work. I'm trying to finish by Nov. and am very close but am so tired and so burn out. I would slow down but I have been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA at this pace and it keeps me focused.....besides, short term pain for long term gain, but I swear, the day I complete my last assignment I'm going to streak a football game or something....I gotta bust loose soon or fall apart.

    Anyhow, the upper level work in the classes tends to be more difficult, but as I said earlier, there's not so much of it as to be impossible. The lower level work is a LOT of work, but not difficult thus you be the judge. The schools support staff is incredible and I very much look forward to posting my completion here.

    For all of you thinking of doing distance learning, Southwestern College is a great school, but not an easy one.
  2. Abner

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    Great job!!! Keep it up!

    Abner :0
  3. sentinel

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    As someone who has been in the same predicament as yourself, regarding exhaustion, great grades (A/A+), and on the verge of burn-out, take my advice and put away the books for a few months; enjoy the summer. I did not heed my own advice and suffered a severe mental burn-out from which I am still recovering almost a year later. A 3.89 GPA, 30 semester hours in less than 10 months, a full-time job, and stressful work environment but no time taken to relax; I thought I was handling the situation because the quality of my work was at its highest level and my grades were excellent; I felt exhausted all the time but could only sleep 2 hours a night for about 6 months.

    Allow yourself the time to relax and if necessary delay graduation by a few months or even a year.
  4. friendorfoe

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    8 more weeks and my workload gets cut in half, I will take 1 class more then a research project for 3'll be like vacation compaired to this pace. I'll just hold out for 8 more.....
  5. Ted Heiks

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    Can't you just see it in all of the papers now? Dateline: Texas. Don't Look Now, Ethel! Too Late! Man Working on Criminal Justice Degree Streaks Football Game! Here he comes. And there he goes. And he ain't wearing no clothes. Yes, they call him the streak! By the way, will this be a Dallas Cowboys game or a Houston Texans game? Much better exposure than a mere high school or college football game! ;)
  6. Faxinator

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    You can do it! I'm currently taking 5 classes (15 semester hours) and I feel as though I could handle another couple of classes at least.

    I just want to get my first degree finished, and by loading up in the shorter summer semester it will make it easier next semester to complete my degree (before summer started I was 25 credit hours from completion).
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    Re: Re: Southwestern College Update

    Boogadee Boogadee

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