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    From the webpage of representative office in Bejing, China, the history of the University is as follows:

    1978 Established in New Mexico
    1996 Upgraded from College to University status
    1999 Moved administrative office to, Carson, California (40 minutes from LA Airport)

    President: Dr. Thomas N. Pappas

    The photos of President and some buildings (campus or not?) can be accessed at:

    The first intake of MBA students in Bejing, China will be started shortly. The program fee is RMB 28,000 (i.e. US$3,400) and ALL must be paid before the start of the program.

    Interestingly, some "University Certificates" are listed at

    I can't understand those "certificates" listed in the webpage.

    The University is not listed in the list of accredited colleges and universities in California:

    and is not listed in the Directory of Private Postsecondary Institutions in California:

    It is also listed in Bear's Guide (14 ed.) nor in the Oregan unaccredited universities' webpage:

    A search through Google finds nothing.

    Is that University "invisible" or "non-existent"?
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  3. Yan

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    I mean it is NOT listed in Bear's Guide (14 ed.)

    Edit, edit and edit...., the problem is that no preview can be made before posting.
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    Yan, the corporate information can be found here and the school's web site here.

    Domain registration:
    Domain Name: SWIU.EDU

    SouthWest International University
    Tyler Avenue
    Temple, CA 91780


    Administrative Contact:
    Henry Yeh
    SouthWest International University
    Tyler Avenue
    Temple City, CA 91780
    (626) 695-3869
    [email protected]

    Bill Gossett
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    Thanks, it seems unaccredited and no faculty and staff listed in its website.

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