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  1. empirelogic

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    Hello All,

    Needs help again. Any info on Southern Pacific U? This University as the others I have asked earlier has been advertising in my country through local reps and I want to check them out and get expert opinion on each of them. I have checked their WEB site and points to one of those DM. Thks again.

  2. empirelogic

    empirelogic New Member

    Hello All,

    Followup on my earlier posting, I also understand that there is a South Pacific University in Hawaii. Very confusing. The Southern Pacific University is registered in SD and runs from NM.
    WEB site:-


  3. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    Not a good choice.

    First hint: Cheesy website. Very amateurish (while by itself not an indicator, it doesn't hurt)

    Second hint: Calls itself an "internet university". Again, by itself may not mean anything, but within this context it does.

    Third hint: They're legally incorporated in South Dakota (of which I have no doubt. Bear in mind, that this doesn't mean much).

    Fourth hint: Although supposedly a South Dakota school, their administrative offices are in New Mexico. Last time I checked a map, they're not particularly close to each other.

    Fifth hint: No recognized accreditation.

    Sixth hint: You do not pay "Southern Pacific University". Interestingly enough, all payment goes to "Southern Pacific Distance Learning Center" in New Mexico.

    Seventh hint: Neither South Dakota nor New Mexico are anywhere near a Pacific anything.

    Eighth hint: Open Book examinations

    Ninth hint: Claims "distant centers" worldwide, but lists none.

    Tenth hint: <drum roll, please> Also incorporated in Grand Turks, TCI

    In other words, avoid at all costs.

    Tom Nixon
  4. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    When I first wrote about Southern Pacific, the response from owner Anil Verna was really quite hostile and nasty. Later he apparently decided that I was right when I suggested that a New Mexico university needed approval from the state of New Mexico.

    And yet, as I report in the 14th edition of Bears' Guide, the Southern Pacific "campus" in New Mexico is an answering service called Alternative Business Communications.

    Surely even the head of New Mexico's licensing agency, with his own doctorate from a school whose accreditation is from the very nonwonderful and unrecognized Accrediting Commission International, would not license Southern Pacific. Would he?

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