South Eastern Doctor of Education - 2 concentrations, 54 Credits, $27K

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    Doctor of Education degree offers two concentrations.


    Organizational Leadership
    Explore the structure and design of organizations including management, planning, organizing, and monitoring. Examine the techniques and methodologies for developing successful businesses and study the critical issues in legal, environmental, resource, ethical, and production areas of organizations. This concentration also requires the completion of a practicum.

    Curriculum and Instruction
    Learn the theories and concepts behind curriculum and instructional development. Research and evaluate the design and implementation of curricula. This concentration requires the completion of a practicum in which you will apply knowledge, theory, research, and writing skills to address an issue within this field.

    Program Format
    Six, 8-week terms online (fall, spring, summer)
    One, weeklong face-to-face intensive course on campus each spring or summer
    Dissertation defense on campus or online

    Program Details
    Est. Program Length: 3–4 years

    Credit Hours: 54

    15 hours of doctoral core
    9 hours of research education
    12 hours of dissertation
    18 hours of concentration courses

    Tuition: See rates*

    *Note: A Doctoral Education fee of $200 will apply to each semester of the program. This fee will help with the cost of the Brightspace platform, intensives, library services, and the extra cost associated with operating and attending an excellent doctoral program. Additional fees may also apply. See our tuition & fees page for details.
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    I was admitted to that program in 2017. Anyway, I couldn't attend because of their Christian doctrine. I will admit that I knew when applying and was hypocritical in my faith statement. However, I couldn't go through with it. It's an affordable program (about 28k at the time).
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