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    Masters in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Info Tech & Info Tech Management
    So, anyone know of other degrees that can be hacked to allow for multiple offerings due to overlapping courses?
    Basically, this degree plan is for someone who has energy, money, and time on their hands to complete the courses.
    Spreadsheet Link:

    In brief: A dual Masters degree completed in 5 "quarters" for ~$19,875.
    5 quarters can be done in over 1 year as each quarter is just 10-11 weeks.
    Each Masters degree has 9 courses, my plan has 19 courses in total.
    Thus 2 Masters can be done in 5 quarters by taking 4 courses per quarter!

    Is there a catch? I don't know, I haven't asked the school any questions yet.
    Get this, by hacking it with 19 courses, you technically get FOUR Masters!
    The reason is because of the overlapping courses between the 4 degrees...
    Here's the degree plan showing the four degree requirements and my plan.

    Several Masters programs listed in my spreadsheet and links to them.
    MS Computer Science
    MS Cybersecurity
    MS Data Science
    MS Information Technology
    MS Information Technology Management
    MS Software Engineering

    Credit Load - 2021-2022 Quarterly Tuition
    10-20 Credit Hours - $3975
    6-9 Credit Hours - $3200
    1-5 Credit Hours - $2100
    Each Credit Above 20 - $310 per credit
    Each Masters course is worth 5 credit, so that's 95 quarter credits or roughly $29,450
    You're taking the full course load of 20 credits/quarter, thus you get a third discount!
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    The Northern Arizona University competency-based Master of Computer Information Technology (MCIT) has a 12 sh core and a 18 sh emphasis in either Data Analytics, Mobile and Web Applications Development, Project Management, or Information Security and Assurance. All core course codes and no emphasis course codes overlap. If NAU allows multiple emphases or multiple degrees with different emphases that could allow a similar approach.
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    Actually, the program here from Emporia State is better, it's got AACSB and costs a grand or so cheaper... Emporia State MBA IS & MSIT - AACSB Dual Degree | DegreeInfo

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