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    So i was running through the ACENET evaluated organizations list and i found this site.

    Sophia Learning | Online Courses, Tutorials, and Teacher Resources

    Looks like its pretty new and they offer 9 self-paced subjects which are ACE approved.

    Apparently they are having an offer for a $250 grant towards the college courses if you join for the summer.

    But when i clicked on the offer it was for 5 grants of $50 each towards the college courses. Price for each course is $329 to start with so i guess its comparable to buying a straighterline course without subsciption.

    Oh right their College Algebra course is worth 4 credits which is better than straighterline but not as good as ALEKS.

    Anyway if anyone takes the course can you tell me how the exams were proctored, if any?
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    This company was bought by Capella a couple of years ago.

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