(Some) TESU degrees do not exist

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Rachel83az, Sep 6, 2023.

  1. Rachel83az

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    Check out this thread over on the sister forum: https://www.degreeforum.net/mybb/Thread-CIP-Codes-Warning?pid=402250

    Anyone who wants to use a TESU degree for government, military, or immigration purposes should be aware that not all TESU degrees are what TESU sells them as. Their BA Math degree legally does not exist. Their BSBA CIS is coded as a generic BS(BA). The BACS is fine, though.

    For American students who want to use their degree to get a random American job, this probably doesn't matter one bit. But this has a huge potential impact on some groups.
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  2. AsianStew

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    For most people, this wouldn't be an issue at all, you can always do a double degree at TESU, another option is you can always ladder up to a Masters degree elsewhere that has a corresponding CIP code. For those who really want to be on top of things, you can pre plan your education the best you can, but also keep an open mind on what may/may not happen, prepare for your grad school or anything after your bachelors. Work on the trifecta of certs, degree, experience to get you into the grove and also prepare for your future educational or career goal.
  3. Dustin

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    Yikes. Yeah I'd be worried about a lack of STEM-designated status for immigrants, possibility of not qualifying for a TN visa, and specific degrees required to meet education requirements in certain government roles. This definitely has deep impact for specific populations.
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  4. SteveFoerster

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    Sorry, but that is actually a really huge issue if one has to do that!
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  5. AsianStew

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    It really depends on the student, for example if the student is starting from scratch with 0 credits, the TESU BACS/BSBA CIS maximizes the credits overlap, thus the student needs an extra 4 courses to complete an entire second degree. I would do something similar to this, so you get the main goal of the BACS and a secondary goal of an addition bachelors for an inexpensive price. For those doing a flat rate of 15 credits, you can take the cornerstone/two capstones and two easy courses or e-packs to finish this off - the cost would be the almost the same for 1 degree when you can get 2.

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