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    Some interesting possibilities from: (related to:

    All are part time/distance learning based (accroding to the site listed above).

    Middlesex University, Institute of Work Based Learning
    Doctorate in Professional Studies
    Doctorate in Professional Studies by Public Works (DProf PW)
    Masters in Professional Studies
    Masters in Work Based Studies
    Masters/Doctorate by Public Works (DProf PW)

    Oxford Brookes University, Business School
    Coaching and Mentoring, DCaM Doctorate in

    University of Leicester, Centre for Labour Market Studies
    MSc in Human Resource Development
    MSc in Human Resource Development and Performance Management
    MSc in Human Resource Management and Development
    MSc in Industrial Relations and Human Resources
    MSc in International Human Resources and Globalisation
    MSc Skills and Performance
    Taught Doctorate

    University of Plymouth, Plymouth Business School
    Business Administration

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