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    It's past 3 am here - I'm not getting any sleep, :puppy_dog_eyes: because my aging dog, who seems to have doggie dementia (don't laugh - it's real, and not good at all, believe me) is pacing the floor, staring at the walls, pacing the floor, walking in circles, occasionally getting caught in the wires under my desk - and, most of all, making sure he sticks close to me. Trying to comfort him the best I can, and not to think of the eventual inevitable outcome of all this, :no: besides an ulcer - and lack of sleep.

    So you guys are lucky - I need diversion, so I have another post here!

    I realize that there is more involved with attending a college than cost, but it's definitely an important factor, especially these days. Also, I'm currently attending Columbia College, but despite the fun I have when I initially tell people that I'm "going to Columbia," :haha: it really isn't going to suit my purposes, whatever that might be.. before I change my mind, of course. I have something I'm working on, and if I decide to go this route, then I'll want to get my lower-division requirements out of the way, once and for all - and pay the least amt of money I can, of course.

    So here is how I broke down my possible finances with the schools I've been considering:

    Tuition + fees per credit, per semester:

    UMass Amherst
    $442 per credit

    Columbia College
    $225 per credit

    Eastern New Mexico University
    $162 per credit (6 credit per semester limit) : less than $1000/sem for 6 credits (Non-residents take up to 6 credits/semester at resident rate)

    Clovis Community College
    $125 for 6 credits each semester, summer session, $125 for 7 credits.
    Fall/spring sessions: $20/credit
    Summer session: $18/credit

    New Mexico Community College
    $56 per credit + $40 web fee per credit*
    * Senior discount - FREE tuition 55+ years=$40 per credit!

    While Clovis is cheaper than my new-found New Mexico Community College, knowing that there's another option is great - esp. for the fact that they have online classes that are 8 wks long, in addition to the usual 15 wks. I'm not crazy about these shorter classes, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of it - and there are times when they are really needed.

    So, in theory, I could attend a class (w/financial aid) at one college, enrolled, and at the same time, take some short classes at NMCC, or take some regular length classes at Clovis, paid out of pocket (actually with the financial aid refund from my enrolled college). Or a combination of all of the above - with a few CLEP exams thrown in for fun. :laugh2: Yes, it does sound a bit crazy, but I think this is very do-able. I feel a bit like a juggler for the circus, but that's OK.

    Then again, who knows - :cool: I might decide on a different route altogether.

    And that's OK.

    Because I said so.

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    None of those are bad options, but the price for UMass is to rich for me- probably too rich for you too, since you are looking for your least expensive options.

    Have you decided against University of Wyoming? Remember that I originally wanted Columbia, myself, but opted for the less expensive school.

    By the way, I just noticed that ENMU has the least expensive online RA MBA that I have ever come across. Nice find! They are cheaper than Amberton by about $2000.00.

    Other Options

    Fort Hays State University: $180/credit

    State University of New York - Empire State College: $207/credit

    Peru State College: $190/credit

    Colorado State University - Pueblo: $150.00/credit for independent study courses.

    Utah State University: $227/credit
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    Yes, UMass is too expensive - the only way I was going try it was to make up some classes at my old cc (still plan to do that, at least, just to get my GPA back up there). I can make up at least three of the five I messed up (one I'm not sure about, but there is one class - digital photography, of all things - where the instructor lied to me & said the school didn't allow it. Not true - and when I followed up w/the correct info, he ignored my email. Hmmm - time to fight, me thinks!

    I'm actually already accepted at ENMU. I applied to both Columbia & ENMU at the same time, but Columbia's classes began before I heard back from ENMU - so I went w/them.

    This is what I'm planning (but, as an honorary member of the Degree Info Indecisive Club, I could change my mind, of course). ENMU has an online Communication Disorders major - that's what I chose. I was surprised and thrilled that the university accepted all my credits! (well, not thrilled that my F's transferred over to be figured in w/my GPA, but as I said, I plan to remedy at least part of that).

    Then (here comes the really scary part) I want to try to get in - no, I will get accepted - to a Speech-Language Pathology graduate program.

    Whew! Can I do it? I hope so - and right now I'm trying hard to keep myself from thinking about what's going on here right now - and the what I, and my family, can't avoid.

    Going on 28 hrs w/no sleep w/lots of anxiety. Took my dog to the vet & the outlook is not good. We are trying antibiotics for an infection he has - but he's suddenly become paralyzed, and I'm freaking out. Took a moment here on the computer to try to divert my mind a bit, but he hasn't let up w/his anxiety since last night, before it progressed to this. Oh - and I found out he's blind, in addition to not being able to hear (which we already knew).

    I tried to prepare myself for this day, but frankly, it's impossible when you are so close to a pet.
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    New Mexico Community College. Is that this school: New Mexico Junior College
  5. threedogs

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    Yes - my mistake. It is New Mexico Junior College, not Community College

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