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  1. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    I read about a bit of it here, but I'm interested in learning more about online teaching: how one gets into it; the pitfalls and struggles; the opportunities out there, etc.

    If someone could post some sites that deal on this subject, please post as I'd really appreciate it. I've done some searching on the net, but what I've managed to dig up has been very thin.

  2. AuditGuy

    AuditGuy Member

    Check my signature line for an online teaching group. I have found it to be extremely helpful.

    I've found exactly the things you mention: Where to start, where to apply, what qualifications do I need, how to write a CV, schools to avoid, etc.

  3. teachtech

    teachtech New Member

    But don't waste your money on a book called how to make money teaching online.
  4. AuditGuy

    AuditGuy Member

    I'm not sure what to think about that book teachtech.

    Dr. Jim Mirabella is a recent member of the group, talking about his book "How to Make Money Teaching Online", and he asserts that you can teach 50 courses a year and maintain quality and do it on 40 hours a week.

    I'll look back at the specific posts later to make sure I am not misquoting.
  5. raristud2

    raristud2 New Member

    How to make money teaching online? Easy. Earn money teaching online.
    Where may you find those lucrative teaching positions? Easy. Research all the accredited high schools, colleges, and universities recognized my chea ( ). Go ahead and contact these schools. Spend some time and form a database of schools that hire adjuncts to teach online on a full-time or part time bases. After you are finished locating schools that hire for your particular field, apply with cojones!
  6. raristud2

    raristud2 New Member

    Doesn't hurt at all to use a variety of decent resources that list employment opportunities. has a job search engine filled with online adjunct opportunities. The book by Dr.Mirabella may save a prospective employee some job search time.
  7. raristud2

    raristud2 New Member

    Comparing Online and On-Campus teaching

    This article discusses the advantages of teaching online and the challenges that online instructors may face. "What are the differences between teaching online and teaching face-to-face? What can faculty members expect from the experience of teaching college courses on the Web?"
  8. raristud2

    raristud2 New Member

    "The Master Online Teacher Certificate is a comprehensive faculty development program based upon the MVCR series of online faculty development courses"
    It includes a practicum in the end. Nice little resume enhancer.

    The University of West Georgia offers a Distance Education Certified Trainer program. "The Distance Education Certified Trainer Program is a 5-month professional program offered completely online. The program's goal is to enable instructional designers and distance learning support personnel to better prepare the faculty and staff with whom they work."
  9. siersema

    siersema Member

    Indiana University offers a non-credit Certificate in Distance Education

  10. raristud2

    raristud2 New Member

    I like this program. It incorporates a balance of current technological and managerial topics relevant for those employed or seeking employment in distance education. Good find.
  11. raristud2

    raristud2 New Member

    This site is a wonderful resource for the prospective online educator and distance learner thereof. The web pages titled "Book Links", "eLearning Resources", and "CMS Review" are informative.

    Prospective online instructors may find this site useful. "The eFaculty eXchange is a database, maintained by eCollege, of self-selected, qualified online instructors. Its goal is to provide competent faculty with increased opportunities to develop and/or teach online courses." Registration is free.

    "Once online faculty members register with eFaculty eXchange, they are added to the eFaculty eXchange database. When eCollege partner institutions make a request, this request is sent to the elected members in our current database for their consideration. The institution then makes contact directly with faculty members who potentially meet their needs."

    Source - ( )
  12. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone for lending your help. I'm going to dig into all of this very soon. I'm always trying to learn something new (lol). If you have anymore, please feel free to post.

    Thanks again!
  13. raristud2

    raristud2 New Member

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