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    Same opinion here. The stuff one can learn might be ok, but you get that for a fraction of the costs elsewhere - as well as a "legal" piece of paper with the three letters MBA on it if that's the goal.

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    Wow, these guys behind are really something focusing on details. Respect!
    I checked the names and positions on the sample diploma against the team list. They are consistent!
    Additionally, I randomly saved some photos of the staff and uploaded them to google, searching for similar images. No results at all.
    On LinkedIn, I only found Dr Chinedu genesis Anakwue:
    Mr. Tay seems know this already:
  3. Raysson

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    Thanks for the information. ;)

    Hopefully this Dr Chinedu is a real person.. hahaha
  4. Raysson

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    Anyone folks here doing a DBA or PhD? Any good introduction of a good school with affordable pricing? You may PM me if there is one.. or reply directly over here...
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    Hm. Studying in Singapore (at a legitimate school)...I've visited Singapore exactly twice in my short life. Fascinating city. Actually EXPELLED from Malaysia in 1965. I don't think I've ever heard of a similar decision anywhere else; usually federal governments fight hard to hold onto territory.

    (Wonder if we could expel Texas and Florida? Hm.)

    Modern Singapore is tiny, densely populated, autocratic, and rich. Really rich. My impressions from decades ago, though, is that there's considerable green space covered in jungle within that tiny nation. It's certainly hot and wet. Just North of the equator.

    I understand that Singapore is fairly well governed. Hard to be sure, though, given restrictions on free speech.

    Singapore lives by its wits. I've wondered whether Gaza City couldn't emulate Singapore if the Gazans (and the Israelis) ever decided to get their situation off dead center.
  6. Johann

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    Because they're AI generated - as AsianPhD noted.
  7. Johann

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    Det. Saperstein: Well, Lieutenant, The Records Sergeant couldn't help me, on Gambit. But I did find this, thanks to a guy named Datby98 on the Internet."

    "A check on the local "Singapore Business School", registration no. 53011020B, found that its company registration i.e. business license is cancelled. Perhaps the authorities would like to look into this."

    Lt. Kojak: We're done, then. It's Singapore's baby. Good work, Saperstein. And thank this Datby for me. He's pretty sharp!
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    I just saw this school advertised on Facebook of their MBA program for a 77% discount at $690 and decided to come here to see what others have said. Definitely looks like a diploma mill. Yet, ENEB’s Masters’ programs are less than $300 and are legitimately accredited.

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