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    Hi Everyone,

    I am currently enrolled in Liberty University’s EdD Doctoral Program in Community Care and Counseling with a focus in Traumatology. I am considering transferring to CalSouthern as it offers a licensure-qualifying program (PsyD in Psychology.) However, there is no guarantee that my state would approve the licensure, and they are not providing a clear cut answer.

    My reasons for wanting to switch are:
    1. My degree has nothing to do with education, so not sure why it is housed in that department. I am a licensed therapist, and do not like the idea of having my credentials being associated with education.
    2. Cal Southern is much more affordable, and offers a monthly payment plan in which you can take as many classes as you are capable of completing.
    3. I tend to be a bit neurotic and I have already completed all of my coursework for my first class at Liberty, but assignments cannot be submitted as they come in as they can be at Cal Southern. Additionally, I am on a payment plan at Liberty and can not register for classes until I pay off the balance and I am self-pay. At CSU, you can take a enroll in a new class as soon as once a month.

    I like that Liberty has a traditional brick and mortar campus that is more well known than CSU, but am on the fence as to whether or not it is actually worth the switch.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I see your point of transferring, but I would recommend you stay or transferring to a Ph.D. in Psychology instead? California Southern University is solely online with no B&M campus, which has less reputation in academia; the second issue that CSU is a for-profit academic institution easy to be bought and sold and defunct. Another thing that I would not recommend anybody earning an EdD if they are not in education. I once consider Vanderbilt University's Ed.D in Organizational Change, but I realize that I am not into academia and I only utilize the Doctorate for consulting as a subject matter expert (SME).
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    I am currently in my dissertation phase at Liberty and considered switching yesterday after the most recent embarrassment by Falwell. I know of several doctoral students who are transferring from Liberty because of this recent issue. Your issue seems unrelated to this incident. However, if you decide to switch, I'd encourage you to look at PsyD or Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at non-profit schools with a B&M campus. Otherwise, Liberty might be better than CSU, especially when there's no guarantee that the PsyD will lead to licensure outside of California. What therapist are you? Do you have a CACREP accredited master's? Are you qualified for Counselor Education and Supervision Ph.D. programs?

    All the best!
  4. Garp

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    Check with YOUR Psychology Licensure board. They will be able to tell you. Many states only require Regional Accreditation AND certain classes PLUS a practicum of a certain number of hours. Then of course you have the internship/residency hours, licensure exam and so on. You would need to make sure you take the classes to meet that and structure you practicum within the program to meet their requirements.

    Calsouthern is an inexpensive (or less expensive) way to become a Clinical Psychologist. Keep in mind that it is not APA so less prestige and that will cut you out of certain more prestigious jobs. Of course, Liberty is not a Clinical Psychology degree and not APA either.

    Are you wanting to teach at a Regionally Accredited college in a tenure track job? Liberty may be more useful. It is a large bricks and mortar institution.

    Are you interested in being a Clinical Psychologist or this is just an add on doctorate? Calsouthern may be more useful and less expensive. And your Liberty class may transfer to Calsouthern.
  5. MSB

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    Thanks for your replies, everyone.

    I did look into the PhD at Liberty but it doesn’t have a concentration I want, and also, all of the classes are research with not much in between, which is a bit discouraging. In regards to the EdD, yes, it’s confusing that my program would even be placed there. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and my master’s program from Fordham University was housed in the school of education also—so strange.

    I am unable to find any of these programs online, which I really need. All of the schools that offer it come from Capella and Ashford, and the like.

    I am qualified for Counselor Supervision programs, but they all require some form of on-campus resident, which I cannot do.

    I think Liberty has a stronger academic reputation than Cal Southern which is why I didn’t choose that program, but wish there was an online PsyD or PhD that offered more interesting classes than just research the whole way through.

    Oh and yes, Falwell’s comments are atrocious!

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

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    Hey, thanks so much for your response. I looked into Regent, but it seems so expensive. That was one of the schools I wanted, but that particular program isn’t APA accredited, which is okay, because only Fielding is, but it requires on site residencies.
  8. MSB

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    I guess my question is do you guys think it’s worth it to transfer based on an EdD vs PsyD credential?
  9. MSB

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    Thank you so much for your helpful insight. I am more interested in receiving training as a clinical psychologist, and like everything that Cal Southern offers, but am not keen on their reputation.
  10. Garp

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    If you want to be a Clinical Psychologist, Calsouthern is your least expensive option. PsyD looks cool (I think). If you are content remaining with your current license, the EdD specialization in Community Care, Counseling and Trauma sounds like a unique speciality niche. Liberty is of course a major bricks and mortar school with a 1.3 (?) Billion dollar endowment, medical school, law school, Carnegie Designation Research Designation and so on.
  11. MSB

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    I agree! I wish Liberty offered this program, then it would be a no-brainer! Thank you again for being so incredibly helpful!
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    If you are an American fundamentalist, stay where you are. You are at home. Yes, you may face some discrimination but you are living a life of integrity.

    If you are not; you shouldn't have enrolled in the first place.

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