Should I transfer programs? Would appreciate people's feedback

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    Would greatly appreciate anyone's opinion.

    I recently got accepted into the ACE Ed.D program for leadership and I did want to ask others who might be more informed what they would most likely do if they were in my position. I also just want to mention that I know it seems strange to be asking questions about transferring to different schools only after just having gotten accepted, but I would really like feedback from other people on this. I don't plan on transferring (assuming that I even go that route) for some time.

    I got into the Ed D program like I mentioned and I am in my third week of their one credit orientation program. As proud as I am on my accomplishment there are several factors about the school that have me a little concerned. First the program was just launched not even a year ago so it hasn't gotten any recognition whether positive or negative. Secondly, it is purely online (no physical campus.) I am not saying anything negative about online universities so please no one get offended. It's just that depending on one's goals, a online doctorate with a physical campus may look more attractive to potential employers. Thirdly, the Ed.D program is in "leadership" not "educational leadership." There are many teachers in the program and having a degree in "leadership" would benefit me as a teacher tremendously, however there are also business owners, and other people in non-educational professions going for this degree. I would rather the program be designated specifically in “educational leadership.”

    On the plus side to ACE, it is very cheap for an RA school. I pay 303 per doctoral credit since I received a 10,000 dollar grant. The faculty seems very well distinguished. And the online courses seem to be very state of the art in terms of software. ( I know that some people have complained about this very issue when attending online programs. NCU being a primary example.)

    I have been very interested in the University of the Cumberlands. I didn't know about the school until very recently. It has a campus. It is RA. It will end up costing me about the same since it's four credits less than ACE in the Ed.D.
    Most important things about the program is that the doctorate is in “educational leadership.” This is what I would like my area of concentration to be in. My goal is to go into higher administration in the secondary education setting. All things being said, is there anyone who thinks that making the transition from one program to the other in my position would be worth it?

    Thanks. Any input would be appreciated.

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