Should I Major in Finance?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Homer28, Aug 12, 2010.

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    This is an interesting topic because I was initially looking at getting an MBA in Finance. I'm looking to get into Risk Management/Financial Analyst, but when reviewing sites like careerbuilder and monster, I see a much larger percentage of people wanting accounting, even with designations like CPA. Even in finance related jobs I see job requirements saying degree in accounting, finance, with mba and cpa desired. When I see accounting jobs, I rarely see the same amount of job descriptions that ways accounting or finance. Most will say accounting and cpa.

    As much as I would like to do finance, I'm learning toward the accounting side because of this. I am currently attending Davenport University and I noticed they are offering an online in BBA in Finance.
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    I was thinking between finance and accounting for a long time. Finally I chose MBA in Finance, since it seams that there is wider oportunity to get the job than with accounting degree. Just my impression after research. But any of these two degrees is a good choice
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    No, it's gone. That page is out of date. I considered doing an Economics major/Mathematics Minor, or vice versa. When I contacted the Economics department at UIS they told me that both the online major and online minor were being discontinued.
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    Here is the college program that I am using to get a BSBA in accounting. I should be a CPA by the time that I am 19...I am 16 right now :)
    CollegePlus! - Home
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    It's still listed on their page:

    The degree requirements for the online Economics degree are identical to the requirements for the on-campus Economics degree .

    View the UIS Catalog including a list of required courses for degree completion in Economics.

    Courses in the online Economics degree are equally rigorous and taught by the same faculty that teach in the classroom.

    Advisors will work with you to develop an optimal degree plan.
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    If you really want to work in finance & make yourself standout from other people with a BS in Finance + MBA, I would recommend you get a technical undergrad degree in one of the following disciplines: mathematics, economics or an engineering field (electrical, especially). Then you would be fully prepared to get a Masters in Financial Engineering, which is pure finance & usually results in a much more attractive resume. You would be hired over most MBAs, even from top schools, for a job in finance. However, it's a lot of work.

    It is also possible, as noted in this thread, that an undergrad degree in mathematics could also suffice for a job in finance.
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    I think I'm in the same boat, next year I'll finish ACCA and I would then have the option of doing either a MBA or Msc in Financal Management from HeriotWatt-EBS (taking full advantage of exemptions). I'm studying full time and I can't decide on which to pursue when I'm done with ACCA. I don't want to be tied down to either the Accounting or Auditing fields, and most employment agencies assume that's the route for me....

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