Should I go the PLA route?

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    Hello all,

    I'm looking at getting a BA in CS from TESC. I think I'll be good with CBE and FEMA for lots of credits, in addition to the 15 I already have, but for the UL major-related credits, I'm thinking about PLA, and I wanted to get your opinions about whether I should pursue it based on my background.

    I've been in the IT business for almost twenty years. I have published three books on information technology. I have a very strong background in software engineering, architecture, and design, along with significant business experience as an enterprise architect and a chief technology officer. With my huge background in writing software, whitepapers, reference architectures, and modeling, I thought the PLA route might make the most sense for getting CS-specific requirements, especially since I have all the "evidence" they would need.

    From reading some posts here, I get the feeling that the work and cost of PLA is not popular. By my count, 30 credits would be by PLA. How realistic is that?

    The alternative would be to get a degree in something that is more well-suited to CBE and transfer credits, such as a BA in Liberal Studies, which would simply mean that my degree isn't in a subject related to my work. That isn't extremely important.

    Thanks for the help! Please ask questions if you need any clarifications. :)
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    The BSBA in Computer Information Systems at TESC is CBE friendly. You can test out of almost everything. The TECEP for Networking Technologies and the DSST for Management Information Systems can be used for the CIS concentration. You can complete the programming requirement by taking a course with Penn Foster or You can complete the rest of the concentration electives/requirements online at a cheap community college like New Mexico Junior College, Clovis Community College, KCTCS (start anytime, self-paced), or a CC local to you.

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