Should I Continue DETC or Change RA

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    Sorry jag, but it's a slam dunk for Rich on this issue. You can hold whatever opinion you'd like but if you want to convince others then you've got to have some more juice.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lets put this in simple terms....

    Rich, your bashing session is quite enough. I'm not here to get into a pissing match with you about accreditation or who knows more about it.

    These types of comments are exactly the reason why people leave this forum. Your sarcaism is unwanted and not appreciated. Good luck in all your future endeavors and I wish you well (and no, I will not share any information with you).
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lets put this in simple terms....

    Of course you won't. You don't have it. Again, scholars don't withhold information, they share it.

    I like to think people who earn degrees from DETC-accredited schools have reached academic levels comparable to those who have earned degrees from other recognized schools. Perhaps you are the vocal exception. (That, too, is not sarcasm. It's an insult. Look it up, for once.)

    Where's Levicoff when you need him? :D
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lets put this in simple terms....

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    Re: Re: Helplessly Hoping ...

    I wasn't denying the simple fact of lower acceptance in some instances, but rather questioning related perceptions that don't seem to be based on facts and questioning possible conflict of interest. It was not meant to bash anyone's research. The surveys done by Rich Douglas and John Bear are valuable research, the only problem (which both have freely admitted on these fora) is that the projects could not be large scale due to lack of funding. But that's certainly not the fault of either, and the responses are also not their fault. The facts uncovered in their research are based on the collective opinions of the respondents, not on the personal opinions of the researchers. Rich Douglas supports DETC, and has stated that in his opinion NA degrees should enjoy the same acceptance as comparable RA degrees because the work required to earn them is comparable. He agrees with your premise. It's just that acceptance facts haven't quite yet caught up with his personal opinion.

    Overly simplified explanations as to why lower acceptance exists aren't coming from Rich Douglas but from others. That's when ridiculous comparisons are put forth, "forced" acceptance is raised when it wasn't suggested, and when words like "worthless" and its synonyms get tossed around. Invariably someone ends up raising the fact that employment as instructors in academia and K-12 public schools requires RA degrees, but without acknowledging that the same regionals accredit both types of schools. It's hard not to see possible conflict of interest in those employment examples and in the blanket non-acceptance of NA credits by some RA schools, except perhaps for those who want to believe the regionals are like Caesar's wife. Those arguments don't seem much different than the ones regarding B&M vs. DL, which are also based on perception rather than fact. There's nothing at all wrong with someone taking advantage of the conveniences of technology, especially since for some it's the only way college is possible and other researchers have found no significant difference in learning outcomes.

    Do you mean this survey by DETC? In the answers from employers it does show favorable acceptance of DETC degrees as opposed to residential degrees.

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