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    I'm trying to find out about short residency MBA programs. I already know about Duke, but I'm having a hard time finding others. I am looking for the residency to be something one can do from a distance. Every weekend is too much, but once a term for a weekend is acceptable. I don't care about cost, I'm just looking for the most prestigious program.

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    Kelly School of Business-Indiana University (Bloomington): Kelly Direct MBA
    How KD Works: Kelley Direct Programs : Kelley School of Business: Indiana University

    Kenan-Flagler Business School | The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    “A key component of [email protected] is the in-person global immersion experience. At the end of each quarter, a face-to-face, three-day immersion is offered in locations around the world. In addition to class meetings, immersions also present opportunities for leadership development, career planning, peer networking and exposure to the local business environment.
    [email protected] students are invited to all immersions but are required to attend two immersions during the course of the program. Room, board and program costs for four immersions are included in the [email protected] tuition. Students are responsible for their own travel expenses.”

    Online [email protected] Program Admissions - UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

    Washington State University: MBA or EMBA (optional residencies available)

    Washington State University Executive MBA Online Program | WSU
    Washington State University MBA Program Online | Washington State University

    Booth School of Business | The University of Chicago: EMBA
    Executive MBA | The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    21-month program (6% in residence): "All students will spend three weeks in Chicago, one week in Singapore, and one week in London. The weeks spent in Chicago are on two different occasions."

    IE Business School

    EMBA+ “…includes three weeks of face-to-face periods in Madrid.”

    Global MBA+ “…online teaching and forums with two days of face-to-face classes every six weeks at IE Business School's campus in Madrid.”

    Top-Ranked MBA programs |IE Business School

    Carey Business School | Johns Hopkins University: EMBA
    Johns Hopkins Carey Business School MBA Fellows Requirements and Coursework

    • The program consists of 10 residencies, including:
    • 3 week-long residencies in Baltimore, MD
    • 5 short residencies (4 days each) in Baltimore with additional courses online
    • 1 international residency (8 days)
    • 1 residency in the online format
    • Residencies take place once every two months

    TRIUM GLOBAL EXECUTIVE MBA: Master of Business Administration (MBA) jointly issued by NYU Stern, LSE, and HEC Paris
    TRIUM Global Executive MBA, top ranked alliance of NYU Stern, LSE and HEC Paris

    • 17 months/10 weeks out of office (< 15% of program in residence)
    • 6 on-site modules incorporating a blended learning approach (in-person classroom time and independent study between modules).abc
    1. LSE 2 weeks
    2. NYU 2 weeks
    3. Emerging market 1.5 weeks
    4. HEC 2 weeks
    5. Emerging market 1.5 week
    6. HEC 1 week
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    Since you're in California I'd recommend Pepperdine University since I believe you have to attend only one weekend for the whole program. It costs almost $80,000. MBA Online Pepperdine

    Also ASU MBA online seems like a good program too with a short residency. This one costs right below $60,000.

    UCLA has a flex MBA program but I believe you have to attend campus quite a bit.
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    I am a doctoral student at Bakke Graduate University. They have an M.B.A. program that as I understand it is done online, with regional mentors and a 10 day residency program. I have taken two of the MBA classes, they really were awesome. I took Asset Based Community Development and Appreciative Inquiry, mostly with MBA students. it was pretty cool. Cost of the whole program will be about 15K
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    For what the OP is looking for I'd recommend Booth, Fuqua and Kenan-Flagler in that order unless he is interested in marketing then I'd go Fuqua, Booth, Kelly and Kenan-Flagler.. If he lives around San Francisco, Wharton has an EMBA available in that city. The Carey school at Johns Hopkins isn't AACSB accredited so I wouldn't really consider it.
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    I might consider Johns Hopkins (Carey) as a viable option in contrast to a number of AACSB accredited B-schools even though Carey is a new program and it will take time to build a reputation and large applicant pool. Add this —among neighboring schools (Maryland), Frostburg State, Morgan State, Salisbury University is AACSB accredited. Which would likely appear as the better brand name on a resume: Johns Hopkins or the other three?

    Would you as well not consider the (non-AACSB) McGill-Desautels MBA?

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