Shades of John Gray

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    I do not want to appear to be defending Gray. I am not. I think his work is OK, not outstanding in any way, generally on a caliber with Psychology Today. He has made a whole lot of money both from his books and from television. My guess is that he didn't "hire an attorney to look into this..." My guess is that he has an attorney on retainer or he has access to an attorney from his publishing house, or the network, etc. If I had an attorney on retainer I'd occasionally let them earn their money too, especially if I felt any threat to my stream of income.
    It's just real life.
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    CPU was founded in 1978 and Gray earned his degree in 1982. CPU was a correspondence school only with no clinics, patients or labs for "Dr." Gray to get his doctoral experience in. When CPU was finally required to submit it's curriculum and faculty references to the state of California for the first time, they denied the university the ability to operate as a school of higher education any longer. After several appeals, they were shut down in 1997.

    Among the criticisms of CPU was that it gave too much credit for life experience, failed to employ duly qualified faculty, and failed to meet various requirements for issuing Ph.D. degrees.

    It may be that "Dr." Gray has some serious concerns about the quality of his Ph.D. after all and is not just using his legal retainer funds. That is also real life.

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