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    Suppose that an employer is checking out a candidate. Candidate has graduated from a university that employer has never heard of, so employer looks at university's Website to see if university is any good. Employer thinks, "Hmm, a good university would have a Website that focuses on the research it does. A bad university would have a Website that focuses on recruiting students."

    Which universities have Websites that would impress such an employer? I was amazed to find that every university I checked has a Website that focuses on recruiting students.

    The Scripps Research Institute (which grants advanced degrees only) has a research-focused Website: . What else is there?
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    Hi Mark - While I understand the point you're trying to make I believe that your premise is flawed. A portion of a schools reputation may come from it's reseach activities but there are plenty of good colleges around that don't even have graduate schools and so their research activities are often a less prominent part of the schools profile. Also, where is it written in stone that a schools web site MUST promote it's research activities. I'd say that it's perfectly reasonable to use the web site as a marketing device to recruit students and if a school does so I don't think there's any reason to automatically brand them as "a bad school." Having said all that, I'd suggest you look at the front page of the Harvard University web site. It's very research oriented. Perhaps they don't feel the need to market themselves too strenuously. ;)

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    Thanks for the response, Jack. I was talking about impressing an employer, not about impressing a reasonable person. ;)

    We're both in Massachusetts, so I'm surprised you haven't noticed that Boston subway trains are plastered with advertisements for Harvard Extension. They're headlined "Discover Harvard in the evenings."

    I agree that Harvard's Website is good, although "Admissions & Financial Aid" is pretty near the top left.
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    Whilst Mark's exercise is an interesting one it's unlikely to be of any real value, because a number of the 'better' websites are operated by those organisations which some members believe are 'degree mills'. One of the most impressive was the one briefly run by Chancery International - a website which would have impressed most employers. :)
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    Hi Mark - While I still drive into Boston 3 or 4 times per year I haven't been on the subway for quite a while. I used to take the Green Line to Park St. and then the Red Line to Harvard Square. Those days are long gone and now I'm more of a Quabbin Reservoir kind of guy. I never minded using the subway back then but I think I might have some difficulty going back to it now. Just getting older I guess. :cool:
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    In your back yard is MIT. They have a link to their research on the home page leading to They are extremely generous with information about their research, which is plentiful. (They also plan to open their course materials to the public; I'm not sure how far along that project is.)

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