Seeking DL MBA recommendations (US citizen living internationally)

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by pikapp22, May 23, 2011.

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    Here is my current situation:

    American living in HK. Current plans are to return back to the States next year. Potentially, we could end up staying a little while longer. If we return back to the States, I would either finish my MBA with Liberty University or (not that far into my MBA) get it from Western Governors University. Both are at the right price point and accreditation for what I'm looking for. I like WGU for the fact that I can go as fast as I want to. For the accounting classes I took at LU (to get my CPA), I was never impressed with the class structure (having to rely on other students for group assignments).

    However, if we stay, I'd still like to do my MBA. Liberty becomes somewhat of an expensive option due to shipping of books to HK. WGU also has the book shipping issue but also will not let folks who are living internationally into their program.

    Looking for ideas on options. Main component would be all materials are online. Would prefer self-study based format. $15,000 price point. Regionally accredited.

    Checking out EBS MBA program as they are the only program I have found so far based on what I'm looking for.

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