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    Hi All

    I have a Bachelors of Science in Sociology/Criminology. I also have a one year diploma in Computer Technology from ECPI. I'm looking to expand into the IT field with a Bachelors Degree in IT or related field and was looking for good suggestions for schools that make it easier to get a second bachelors degree. Any info will be appreciated :)
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    Touro University International ( has a Master of Science in Information Technology Management (

    If you have an IS/IT degree the programme can be completed in 18 months. Otherwise, you might need a few more months but the web site does not stipulate you must take prerequisite IS/IT courses. My advice, all 2 cents worth, is to contact Touro and ask.

    You probably have the necessary IS/IT prerequisites with the Computer Technology Diploma from ECPI.
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    What is it you want to do?

    The IT industry tends to reward experience and ability equal to credentials…

    Are you changing Fields also, or staying within Sociology/Criminology?
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    The most popular example about the IT industry and the role of college may be Bill Gates leaving Harvard in his junior year to devote more time to Microsoft. Of course, that's an extreme example.

    I am finishing my B.S. in CIS at Excelsior College, and I like their program for its affordability, flexibility, and regional accreditation. BTW, I read somewhere that they give up to 30 credits for the GRE computer science subject exam.
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    More info about Excelsior College giving credits for GRE subject tests:

    I also like Excelsior College since they gave me credit for my Microsoft certifications:
    Credit for IT certification - Excelsior College
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    That was a long time ago in a land far away... I.T. has matured into an industry since then. Back when I got in, cowboys who could do what they said they could do could write their own ticket. Cowboys now get bumped out on their behinds, as it should be.
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    Bill Gates would agree with going to college, of course, unless there is a new "ground floor":

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