Seattle U promised master's degree in nursing

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by MaceWindu, Nov 20, 2022.

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    I'm confused. Why are they in a doctorate program but hoping to earn a master's in nursing?

    Also, I'm not in the medical field, so can someone tell me if $70,000/annum is normal for an MSN program?
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    The article states it is a APNI (Advanced Practice Nursing Immersion for non-nurses) to DNP program. Originally the plan was to award an MSN on the way, and the school says they advertised it as pending approval, but ultimately it was only approved for a BSN. The article is among the worst written I have seen in a while.
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    I read that and watched the video as well, still a bit confused on how that ever happened and agree that the students are correct, they're trying to market a program using the possible tactics to get enrollment. Weird! Just be honest up front about the program, if interested individuals want to enroll, they will... too much 'fluff' and it'll come out confusing the student and -exactly this- is what would happen!
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    As an aside, when Walden is recruiting students for a new program they actually offer them free tuition while the program is pending approval from whichever regulator. Everyone gets at least one course free but they note that as long as the program doesn't have full approval you will continue to get free courses so that you're not [financially] harmed if the program is ultimately declined approval. I thought that was a great way to do it.
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    That’s how to do things.

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