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  1. imnajam

    imnajam member

    Hi peoples,

    I would like to know how would you describe the scope of certifications earned through

  2. geckoz

    geckoz New Member

    Limited :D

    Or just rephrase your question. Are you asking whether Brainbench certs have any credit value?
  3. imnajam

    imnajam member

    No, I mean if these certifications are counted and helpful for job, and if it applies for any credit value that would be great
  4. geoffs

    geoffs Member

    I actually have used these in class with students. Some are cocky that the know everything at a certain level so I have had them do them to see how good they are!

    I would really like to see what their courses are like (I have only taken the free tests).
  5. imnajam

    imnajam member


    nice to know you have taken free tests of brainbench, If you wish you can choose a single exam of your choice and take it free of cost by entering promo code 'freetest' or 'affiliate474' please note that these promo codes are valid for a single person.
    You may distribute these codes among your students as well.

    I have lots of brainbench certifications and willing to know how much do they worth?
  6. geoffs

    geoffs Member

    Well I gave them to my students as a challenge to see how they could "benchmark their brain" on topics such as AP/AR. I teach Auditing and we do chapters on Auditing AP, AR and other accounting functions and found the exams as a good way to show if they really have expert knowledge of the content or not.

    As far as industry acceptance, I have never found an HR person that knew of them but I love brainbench (other then its M/C exams) as a source but do the companies look at it?

    Keep us posted!
  7. jimnagrom

    jimnagrom New Member

    Brainbench certifications are used by some HR depts. to screen out potential employees. The federal govt and IBM have both used them in the past. They aren't bad - and until 2 years ago I encouraged my student to take the free ones - several received pay raises or intro Help Desk jobs simply because they had them and their competition did not.

    That said - they do not carry the weight of the more widely known vendor and vendor-neutral certifications.

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